How to magic items work, in relation to artisans

I’m new, and I was wondering about how artisan magical items work. Is it a band that can be put on an object, or must it be a unique phys/rep? Would it be possible for an artificer to buy a weapon phys rep on site and then make it one of their magical items they have made?

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Yes, if you make magic items with the Artisan skill you get some ribbons with a code number on them to tie onto an appropriate phys-rep :slight_smile: .

And yes you can totally use a weapon bought on site to represent one of your items. If you sell it, it’s up to the buyer to provide a new phys rep :slight_smile: .


Thanks! This clears it up a lot, I couldn’t find anything other than images on how magical items where represented

What also gets done, when selling an item, is to carry around the ribbon tied onto a suitable physrep. A large piece of armour, a weapon, etc.

Then when you make a sale and transfer it to the new owner (note that an artisan can bond to someone all the items they know how to make. This is distinct from the mage spell which bonds/unbonds anything), you get a bumblebee (the field referees, so called for their yellow and black tabards), they check the details, you take the ribbon off your physrep, you tie it on to their physrep. For preference with a certain amount of IC theatrics.

The ref then ensures that the item (code N# whatever) is now registered as bonded to the new owner, CID whatever.

Mechanically, you have transferred a generated asset from one character sheet to another.

In play, you have ritualistically transferred the magical control and ownership of an enchanted item into the hands of its new owner.

Personally, I favoured ritualistic chanting, introductions, and blood anointments :slight_smile:


For carrying and selling ribbons I intend to sell, I have a hessian bag with clanking metal (usually my bazubands) or something similar, it doesn’t have to be big like a chest plate it can be anything, something that could or does carry armour is my go to.

Yeah that’s a good point. I used to have a physrep of a bag of soil in a hessian sack when selling maille. Had the same sort of heft to it.

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