How to make a Bravo charter in league with out a free company?

I am new to LARP in general and I’m thinking of playing a bravo from The League but I don’t have anyone to go with or a free company to join. is it possible to go to empire and fine some group or free company to join at the event?

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It is indeed possible to find a group to join at the event! You would therefore be joining “in-character”.

(As opposed to making a plan and arrangements before-hand and joining before the event, “out-of-character”)

The upside of joining IC is that it’s very much you playing the part. You don’t know anyone, neither does your character. You are both exploring and asking pertinent questions at once. This makes the role-playing easier, but also harder, as people will be asking searching questions like:
“Where are you from then?”
“Why do you want to join our lot?”
It also means you won’t need a lot in the way of preparation, but will not look particularly affiliated after joining (in terms of any colour schemes, symbols, etc)

The upside of joining OOC is that you can make plans, meet people online, and make any relevant costume before the event. You can write your character a backstory and weave it into an existing tale of a group. “Yes, I am the cousin of X over there and have been working in his shop and wanted to come for a while but missed the last meeting because of that big thing that happened in our home town…” Of course, you then need to remember at least some of this, and pretend you know all these people, and maybe invest in some specific costume…

If you with to discuss this at enthusiastic length, there will likely be Leaguers along to try and recruit you (hold out for a good price :stuck_out_tongue: ), but feel free to continue asking questions here or on the League forum.

Also, there is a Facebook group for that nation:

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Yes you can join in and sometimes out of character before you get there, or start one of your own and see if you can find like minded players at the event.

Or even state that you’re the free company representative sent to Anvil, and lament the fact that the rest of the company is having a party in Sarvos while you drew the short straw.

The Facebook group is probably best for making prior arrangements, even if that’s only so you have a friendly face to look for when you hit the field.

Thanks for the response

I think I will go to the event without any arrangements and make it my first in charter goal to find some people to join. I’ve also heard you can go the day beforehand and meet people then I might try that as well

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Heya Mr Tree. I only just noticed this post, or would have replied sooner. I play one of the generals in the League and thus have a lot of interest in getting people involved who are playing new military characters.

Very broadly, the League fighting folk divide into two sections: the mercenaries, and those who fight as part of the national block. There are at least three groups of mercs at present, of varying fighting and equipment styles and quality. Many new bravos join one of those companies, and if that is the route you want to go, one of them would surely take you.

The other option is the national fighting group, which is where I’m more involved and thus feel I can speak more freely. There are various reasons why a character might fight as part of the national block rather than a mercenary - sometimes because they are not part of a martial guild, but still want to do their part, and sometimes they might be a very martial character/guild, but they view fighting on the field as an act of reckoning/Loyalty to the Empire - thus even if they are free company bravos in their day job, at Anvil they fight for the Empire rather than money. Because so many of our fighters go the mercenary route, our national block is the smallest in the game, but has a superb reputation (Deservedly - I recently looked at some statistics for national performance over the last three years and the League has the equal best record for victory, matched only by two other nations, having won 11 out of 12 we’ve taken part in). Possibly it’s a side effect of our size, but it is easier for us than most people to be maneuverable and disciplined on the battlefield - we have a strong ethos of fighting with our heads and certainly not fighting fair. We also have a coherent structure for how the unit fights and run training sessions to keep our edge as well as to integrate new bravos. If this route did interest you. I’d recommend you come say hi early in the event so we could introduce you to other people, like our skirmish organiser or our quartermaster, or just people you might want to hang out with.

Either of these is a completely valid option and you can design your character to do either, or see which you fall into in play. You’ll probably find you get different things from the experience depending on which you decide, but both can be fun.

As a new fighter, I’d really recommend trying to come to the New Player Skirmish on the friday of your first event. I’m one of the people who helps run those, and we do our best to give new players a taste of what battles and skirmishes are like before they have to risk their character for real. If you are there, come say hi (I’ll be the one doing a lot of talking who looks Leaguish).

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