How to make a Dawnish looking costume

I have been wanting to make my character look more a part of Dawn (Seeing as he has been raised within the nation due to being an orphan) And I would like to have something that fits the part of being a ‘Noble’, I have a black tunic but I dont think its too fitting of a member of Dawn, so I would like to have a go at making something like these; Any suggestions or tips on what I could do to make it would be very much appreciated :slight_smile:

First off choice of fabric
My personal reccomendation here is Ikea not only for their cheap linen which is great for linings, basic shirts etc etc, but also look at curtianing fabric I have the inside of my velvet cote lined with a grey embroidered curtian fabric. Charity shops are a good source of cheap velvet curtians. To “Dawn” it up a bit have a look at different braids and brocade trim.

Depending on your experience with sewing this is either a breeze or a nightmare there are a lot of good guides available on costume froth facebook group and linked from the wikki.

A trawl of charity shops might find a good modern coat that could be modified by removing zips or taking off the sleeves etc and then have braid or whatever sewn to it.

Best of luck.

To me that looks a bit like it is made of chenille curtain fabric (which is horrendous to sew). I recommend looking for bits of curtain/upholstry fabric and having a look at the patterns on butterick/mcall’s.

Seconded on charity shops - curtains are a) cheap as chips b) often excellent material for kit.

I recommend the Butterick cassock pattern for anything from floor-length robes to a knee-length tunic. Clarice’s blue coat is made from it, and a fair few of her other htings are bastardised from it. It’s got lovely swishy skirts :smiley:

For that braiding, you’ll be wanting to look up Austrian knots! :slight_smile:

You can get some Indian garments that look very similar to that, with the braiding etc.