How to mug 101?


My first question is: is mugging common and if so or not why?
And secondly how would you mug someone.
And thirdly apparently you would get hunted so are you wanted now if so can you have a fake identity and if not then what happens if you get caught during a mugging and after one?

P.S this is just research for an idea.

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It is difficult because most people have weapons. If they don’t then there will be people nearby who do. To answer you next question, I wouldn’t, it isn’t worth it. Most people don’t carry around a lot of stuff unless they are the really rich players and then if you do mess with them, they will mess with you.


It’s basically not worth doing, and that’s by design. The main field of Anvil is a relatively safe place. If you try to mug someone, there is very little chance it won’t go south somehow. If you actually successfully mug someone, they will then go and tell the militia, who catch people even without close-up witnesses. And unless you’re really lucky, you might make out with just about enough coin to cover a few pints. Roll that die every time you try mugging someone.


lets say I seclude a rich player and paralyse then venom and cleave them wouldn’t it be hard for them to do anything.

also if people work together to mug someone are all people then hunted?

and if mugging is so hard why was there a period where there was a lot of crime.

P.S this is till just research


It will take at least several seconds for your PARALYSE-VENOM-CLEAVE combination. During this time, your target (who you’ve somehow caught alone - rich people tend not to be alone) can yell to their heart’s content, summoning all sorts of people to their aid.

You then have to actually loot the dying body - which takes more precious time whilst your target continues to yell for help. Also, rich people tend not to carry all their personal wealth with them, so you’d only get away with a fraction.

Then, let’s assume you get away without being caught. Even if no-one rescues the dying person in time, someone will cast Speak With Dead to find out everything they remember about you. Now you’re being hunted, and word will spread quickly. People will start going around in groups so as not to be mugged.

And, at the end of the day… it’s a pretty boring story. “Rich person was killed in an alley, had stuff nicked”. You’ve maybe gained a few thrones at max, and are very likely to be caught.

In your “group of people” scenario - now the whole group of you have to escape the scene without anyone catching any of you, or seeing who you are. Once one person is caught, it’s often very easy to find everyone linked to them.


and if mugging is so hard why was there a period where there was a lot of crime.

What? Assuming you’re talking about historical time periods, which aren’t appropriate to the Empire setting, which time period are you even talking about?


im talking about in game when someone got poisoned at a camp and there were lots of reports of killings mostly not murderhobos (I may be thinking of something else)


thank you just seeing if there are any spells to keep on hand just if this admitting pacific scenario happens.


By killing a rich player, you end plot. These people have influence and so make game, this game may help you. It is better to leave them alive and if you want to stop them you ruin them financially and politically.


Also whispers through the black gate allows people to talk to the dead to learn your identity.


The game is designed so that there are no spells or calls that can stop someone yelling for help, in part to discourage muggings and toilet-shankings. At the end of the day, being stabbed up for loose change with no ability to get help doesn’t make for a good experience.


I meant to stop muggings the spells were for if the worst scenario dose happen to me


Someone could use repel to push you away, paralysis or entangle to hold you in place or they could use a hero point and use cleave or impale to do massive amounts of damage to you or strikedown and knock you over.


Just to wade in here with the obvious question of why? What would be the point if this, to murder a political figure as they oppose your vision is a reason, to rob the throne would be a statement, but just mug someone for the sake of it, seriously what is the point? I could think of a thousand better things to do with my time in anvil with greater benefit than what you are asking to do.


just seeing for research purposes (as said to begin with) as it confused me I’m not going to try it nor was I


REPEL is almost certainly the best spell to prevent a mugging, because:

  • It can’t be blocked or parried
  • The target has to move away from you
  • Even if the target runs into an obstacle, they have to stay there for the 10 seconds of the spell

Which means you have plenty of chance to get away and call for help. Anvil isn’t big enough for you to be too far away from other people.


Well let’s just leave this possible argument there OK?


I know that feeling.

The times I wanted to know something and then got shut down because no one was thinking outside the box.

mugging not so fun. ends plot instead of making it. boo.

a heist, on the other hand, could be fun. killing a player for a meaningless thing it dull and no fun what so ever but if there was a set of items (like a map in many pieces) and you want to steal them it can be more fun.

why, well. going for an item and not a person can make it so no one is harmed or kill not ending plot. yay.

and even if you fail people will ask why you wanted that item so making more plot around an item which PD can run off of. and if you do succeed then people get to do a plot of tracking you down before your next heist. however, this can go bad so you will likely need a few things

a group to help pull it off.
power/money to grease the wheels and make it so the item is in a place at a time
an item, you need something that can be used to target and tie the plot too after all. not like it can be any old rock after all.
PD, you should problem tell PD if you plan to do this to let them know what’s going on so they can know ahead of time if they can get things moved in the background.
tell the other players so that they can enjoy the plot too. nothing too much just a hint here or there like ‘i heard that thing is one of a kind shame if something were to happen to it’ wink.

well, its the middle of the night so if this seems like a mad person rushed writing that’s because it is.

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Oh mrdolhin you’ve discovered one of larps many faux pas.

Larp is about escapism so of course your mind turns to the things you couldn’t do in real life. Theft murder and random violence. And the game has rules for it so why not?

Thing is that raider the larp is really only fun for one person and that’s the raider. It’s pretty shit for everyone else and theirs no future in it. People who have a shit time don’t come back and pd looses money. This is why the whole thing is rather hard to pull of and most People will say “just don’t”. Cus unlike in the video games the person you’ve mugged or murdered doesn’t stay dead. And people are pretty creatures. Some of them may even be violent out of character. You just don’t know. So avoid that particular flavour. Thiers much easier ways to get money that don’t involve ruining someone’s holiday and potentially running into them in the food line after.


It’s also worth remembering that the people at Anvil are the movers and shakers of the Empire, you’re already someone impressive just by being there, resorting to common crime would be beneath you. (Think G20 or Davos attendees)
Complex crime, enormous fraud, rigging an election, starting a terrible rumour about your political opponent, etc would be much more clever and appropriate. (And incidentally make much more fun game for everyone involved).

And several people above are entirely correct very few people carry much on them that is immediately nickable, in some nations it’s a badge of honour for the real high ups to not even deal with the money, that’s a job for someone else in their group.