I am a full on noob I have a few questions please help

Hi I have been speaking to a friend and we both really want to get into this however I fear I have a invalid idea. I would like to be a long ranges attacker only (bow) although I have NO experience using one. I also want to be a carpenter in game and create weapons and shields and such and then use this as a business. My friend wants to be a blacksmith using the same aspects. Is this aloud and a good idea? Unfortunatly we live in different places as I live in Northamptonshire and could do with advise on getting better prepared. What do I need to start answering roughly how much would it cost.

There is an artisan skill which allows you to turns resources (such as green iron, dragonebone, or beggar’s lye) into magical items such as armours or axes that give people various bonuses such as more hit points or the ability to break shields. A starting character has 8xp, and both the artisan and marksmen (which you need to wield a bow) skills cost 4xp, meaning you’d have spent all your xp on just those 2 skills. Archery can be expensive to play, given that arrows can cost up to £10 each and you might lose several every event.

OK what I was looking at was to perhaps make my own arrows and bows hence the carpenter and sell them like to a trader at a price or as a trader myself once in game. I personally love archery and me and my friend both want to do it aswell so I think it is an important part of it for me. And really £10 an arrow that’s alot. I was thinking of way less than that :o.

inyourdreamsfx does 12 for 70 quid. go look for him on event. arrows wise. good arrows that have lasted me since year 1. also bows are worth spending money on to hae the fun.

If you really want to pay tp dollar for arrow yes you can get the expensive but I prefer not to spend that much money. Artisan is handy but what about saving 2 points and playing this year and use them 2 points to get artisan

Sadly you can’t actually make weapons at the event, as in the physical items. Larp swords and shields are constructed from foam and carbon fibre and making one costs almost as much as buying one and takes several days. Larp bows are also special low-poundage bows and not something I think an amateur can make. Larp arrows are likewise special bits of kit and cost a lot because they are potentially dangerous if made poorly.

When people sell items at empire they tend to be things like cakes, snacks or jewellery.

On the same point I’d link you to https://www.profounddecisions.co.uk/empire-wiki/Bow_safety to give you an idea of the construction. I may be wrong about this - I’m also new here - but if you haven’t read it it’s probably worth a look over at least.

OK thanks I will have to let my friend no that carpenter and blacksmith would be a no no. When u say made from carbon fibre and foam these are purchase able so is it possible to make some and bring them with me in bulk to sell.

You can buy the materials but making larp weapons is very complex. I would really recommend coming to an event, buy a weapon and seeing how they’re constructed first.

You could still play a character who is a carpenter, just don’t make wooden weapons or shields. Is carpentry a skill you have in real life?

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I wouldn’t say I am skilled no I just like the idea. I understand they wouldn’t be made from wood but I could make weapons from foam and such and then they would be treated as the real thing so I could have an action of making one as part of my character. I would be able to construct bows out of wood however so long as they stick to regulations. I think comng to see it first might be a good idea though as someone suggested.

If making weapons is an interest come to an event and talk to some of the traders, they can give you a guide on making them. Be aware though, making a larp weapons isn’t cheap and any weapon at Empire needs to pass strict safety checks.

Also, if you are serious about selling large numbers of weapons you may need to talk to PD and get a trader’s licence.


Arrows and bows are the most dangerous weapons in larp from an out of character safety perspective. They move faster and hit harder than any other safely-wielded prop, and can fail in extremely bad ways. By which I mean “That player has lost their eye”. They are the only weapon that is not padded, meaning you are carrying a big stick and a load of sharp sticks around. Because nocking points are sharp enough to be a danger.

I would advise not trying to make anything until you have experience in making bows in general and of using low-poundage ones at larp. Larp archery is very different to most competitive archery because you are often firing at short ranges and extremely low draw. Your aim is to land the hit with minimal force, so you need to get good at not just hitting, but hitting safely and with an unusual technique.

You can totally play a person who makes magic bows using the Artisan skill, without needing to construct things in the field. Magic items take an IC month of construction time, so you make them to order. You do not need to provide props for them, you get given identification ribbons people tie to their bows to indicate it is magic.


I think there are several ideas that are perhaps getting a tad muddied.
So sorry if I come across as patronising, but covering all the bases

So, you can totally say “I am a blacksmith” as an explanation for having the business resource.

  • That’s entirely legit explanation for your personal resource.
  • This would give you an extra 9 crowns (aka 180 rings) of spending money per event.

You could then take the Artisan Skill and trade for resources to make magic items, including magical bows which you sell in uptime. (See. https://www.profounddecisions.co.uk/empire-wiki/Magic_items#Weapons )
What this gives you is a ribbon which yourself or another player can use.
Magic items normally last 4 events. When you take Artisan as a starting character you start play with 3 magic items.

However actually making items (esp. LARP weapons) at the event to sell is likely to be very difficult unless you really know what you’re doing. And probably not at all fun.
Similarly it would be very difficult to sell a LARP weapon in character since a ÂŁ60 sword would be worth very little in game. Unless it was magical.
(All players are assumed to be rich enough to walk onto the field with any mundane armour or weapons they are walking around with)

I think what you want to be is an Artisan who makes, trades and sells magical items to other players.
Since this doesn’t involve you actually having to give over a physical item that costs real world money, but is something that in character is very valuable.