I am broke

Hi just one question, how do you get money IC?

Resources. Trade. Looting. Fraud. Virtue. Theft. Luck.



You can find various jobs through out anvil. Look for people who seem to have a lot of money and then see if you can help them with anything. You need to know what people want. Sometimes you can make money from being entertaining in the right places at the right time.

If you want to make money through trading then you need to understand the kind of prices that things go for. There is booklet that tells you this, I can’t remember its name. I think it is sold in the brass coast.

I made a significant amount of money from looting enemies on the battlefield. You can loot friends as well, just it’s a bit more illegal.

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Nobody ever gave me money while monstering to have as loot. You sure you’re not just looting players that forget to leave their bags at camp when they went monstering?

Hah! It’s a tempting idea. But no, this is looting magic items and selling them on.


Someone tried to loot me while I was monstering. Monsters can’t do it but players can (though I think it is considered to be not such a good thing, I’m not sure). I think the players who monster will be unlikely to have anything but the PD crew who do might.

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EMUs are given lootable things.


I had no idea this was a thing. Now i’m extra excited for next battle!

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can confirm as an emu leader we get given the ribbons mana and herbs on some of our engagements.

which is realy convenient
Ive lost track of how often Ive steered a squad of brave heroes towards the enemy line because i spotted a white ribbon on some jotuns spear. pretty much all bar 2 of the 4th tier items I’ve had pass through my hands over the last 4 years have been looted from dead jotun or grendel.
and people pay for those.
alternatively bring something oc to sell ic (food booze art baked goods)


Okay, so my theory was correct. Thank you for the information.

I was told that sometimes the Grendel are boobytrapped with poisons and things like that, is this true?

That sounds like a thing to find out in play.


Ah okay. I was just curious. My current character won’t be going into battle so I’m not doing it to try and get an advantage, just to see if the information I was given is correct.

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It does also depend what you want the money for.

You 18 rings ‘pocket money’ that every character gets will get you either 3 or 4 drinks, pay for a copy of all the different newsletters, or if you manage a good deal possibly 1 measure of a resource or a herb.

You will also have the proceeds from your resource. This will be money or stuff you can sell for money.

On the other hand if you want a fancy crafted item you may want to be trading for materials not money, or you may want mana for a ritual to be cast, or herbs for potions.

Money is not necessarily the best option!

It depends on where you buy the drinks. One of my friends was able to got much more than four drinks and still had money left over but he’s always been good at getting things.

Also mana crystals go for around one and a half to two crowns. There isn’t a mage in anvil who wouldn’t fight their way through a horde of barbarian orcs to get their hands on a good stash of mana. If you have enough and you know who to give it to, you can gain influence but that is the case with all resources, including money. Usually only the wealthy can do this as they have enough to spare.

What resource do you have?

Money isnt always the best way to measure things either. As mentioned above Mana for example consistently holds its value very well!


I tend to keep an eye out for any mages on the battlefield. They tend to have a clutch of mana crystals. Healers and Druj EMU’s tend to have a lot of herbs also.