I am broke


I’m perpetually broke. I give a chunk of my resource income to my quartermaster and then talk to him if I need owt. Or speak to my benefactors if it’s a big thing.

I usually have a crown or so on my person for drinks money but otherwise don’t really bother with it.

Money doesn’t have to be everything in this system if you don’t want it to be. :slight_smile:


I had a business for my last characters resource. And just getting a throne in your pack is incredibly freeing. Being able to just walk about and frit it away is great. Its very much a different face of it.


Wish I ever had time to pillage enemy corpses in battle :joy: fate of a sword & board heavy, always needed up the front…


Interesting didn’t know looting monsters was a option :joy:


The EMU’s are often given ribbons, mana and herb cards so they can play their various roles. if you manage to drop them they can be looted.


The Thirfty Squid, in the Zabalamar camp of the Brass Coast :slight_smile:


Thank you. I always forget the name.


I’ve not found stuff to loot super common but it’s a nice bonus when it happens (I looted my first thing ever two games ago and promptly died, bitter moi?).

Other ways to make money include the food and drinks trade, selling trinkets and If you are willing to do the work in making them selling publications can be a way to get some money. People do story books, newspapers, collections of stories about recent battles, fashion magazines, racy novels, pulp stories, guides to ritual magic, intelligence reports on various subjects and much more.


As other’s say, making stuff to sell is quite a good way of making money, especially food or drink (I make a roaring trade for example selling honey rum that I make between the events).


How would one role play looting, do you have to make sure they’re cool with it OOC? How does it work?


You go up to the dead monster DO NOT TOUCH THEM and say “I am looting you, do you have loot” then roleplay searching their body for 30 second (still without touching them).

They are obligated to tell you if they have anything lootable. Do not go through pouches, touch, move or otherwise frisk them.



do you have to spend 30seconds looting them if they have an obviously magical glowing sword (sword with a ribbon)? or can you just grab it and move on (giving back the sword phys-rep to the orc player, but taking the ribbon)?


I’m not sure. I have, in the past, gone “Ooh loot” and grabbed a ribbon off a monster when it’s visible, but then I usually loot them as a followup. I guess not, as ribbons are supposed to represent obvious glowy power.


You are supposed to take the phys-rep as well as the ribbon (and return the phys-rep to GOD as soon as possible).

If you can see the item to take, that’s not the same thing as role-playing going through someone’s pouches so I’d say that’s fine.


Not on the battlefield - if you’re looting a magic item from a monster in the battlefield, you should check with them whether you should take the physrep as well or just the ribbon, following this rules update in 2017.

If you do take the physrep, then you do indeed need to return it to GOD ASAP.


Oh! Thank you. :slight_smile: I did not know that.


We provide some of our monsters (the Elite Military Units) with extra herbs, potions, mana and resources before a battle. Our skirmish team also carry extra bits on skirmishes.

Looting them is a matter of catching a dying orc and roleplaying looting them (ask them OOC before you start!) and they will hand over any ribbon or cards they might have. Do not take weapons, armour or shields from monsters (they need them to keep fighting with!). Any non-PD provided items you take must be returned to GOD lost property within 30 minutes.


I’m not sure why you’re replying to me on that one- I helped coordinate an EMU for a while. :stuck_out_tongue: