I can't contain myself!

I played 2 Empire events back in 2018, E1 and E2, it was amazing, I had a fab time… But I had to stop playing for personal reasons… and now… I’m coming back!!
After ruling it out for so long I’m finally going to get back into the hobby that I absolutely adore. I’m going to be attending the Du Soleil Player Event in February and I literally can’t contain myself with how excited I am.
I’ll be attending as Leilana, the Dawnish changeling girl wanting to make a name for herself where her parents failed. She’s going to be an absolute chaos storm and I am so excited!! (Did I mention I was excited already?) I’m also going to be swapping from a completely non-com physick character to a fight-y sword person so that is going to be an adventure and a half!
I’m sewing my very first gown for this and fingers crossed it goes well! If you want to see my progress, feel free to follow me on my LARP/sewing instagram: @tasha.sews
I’ve almost finished making a chemise which has been a bit of a disaster, but good practice nonetheless!
This post is a bit of a useless rant, but I just wanted to say hello to you all again, I’m back, sorry for the random post!! Haha.
Also I would absolutely love to chat with some of you about your characters and experiences, just get the hype flowing! E1 is a while away, and what better way to spend the wait than by hyping eachother up! My DMs are always open, here or on instagram, and I’m pretty much always looking to chat LARP, although I do have uni exams coming up… so I should probably be studying… shh.
Let’s share the hype with each other and share some of the things we’re most looking forward to in the upcoming games below! I’d love to hear what aspects of the game different people enjoy <3


I know the feeling. I have been making one or two events a year since E3 2017, but I still get so excited by the mere idea of Empire. I collect fabric and make costume (a Leaguer cannot have too many jerkins, doublets and capes) in the run-up to events. I tweak my healer’s kit, I write pamphlets denouncing the Anvil Hospital’s monopoly, I research medieval medicine…

I wish it could be Empire every day…

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I practise and make up songs and stories for the game. I do a lot of driving, and my steering wheel has heard many MANY stories of glory, valour, love and tragedy… (why yes, Dawn :slight_smile: )

I wouldn’t want Empire every day. but I could certainly go for every month…

Have fun with de Soleil, get them to sing!


I feel your excitement immensly. I’ve never been to a LARP event or Empire yet but one of my friends has got me into it over the past 3 months and now I’m just counting down the days till E1 which will be my first event. I’m playing a Navarr healer mage, whose been enslaved by the Thul and managed to recently escape. Basically that’s my excuse for a lack on in game knowledge of recent events and things etc. But I am so so so excited to get to the event. It’s also killing me because I’d love to go to a player run event but somethings woudn’t make much sense IC, like if I went with my friends. My character doesn’t know them yet and we want our first meeting to be at E1 in Anvil. It’s a real struggle. I’d also love to send some IC mail, however again my character doesn’t know anyone yet as he’s currently wandering the wilderness alone. Oh my goodness I can’t describe my excitement. Like you I need to vent this excitement so my DM’s are always open for larp chat. I’m very jealous of you making your own kit, I bet it will be awesome! I have bought and spent sooo much money on LARP my family have banned me from anymore LARP related things until I arrive at the event. XD

Hope to see you in Anvil.


We cannot wait to meet you and your character in Feb :smiley: