I have questions about Resources and Cambions

So, I thought I’d open a general thread as I’ve gotten stuck on something with my character. I’m perplexed as to what resource to choose, as I know the merits of them all but am just really stuck.

I am quite interested in the rituals area of Empire as they seem really fun and would be really good roleplaying opportunities, however I don’t really want to jump down a rabbit hole that I’m not sure about straight away and become so specific that I’m a little bit stuck. However, if I then choose a resource that focusses on money (Like a Business, Farm etc…) so I can actually have a bit more money at Empire and have the opportunity to be a bit more general, then I can’t try and help with rituals if I end up really enjoying them, and also end up stuck.

Halp!! :smile:

Also, as a sidenote, if there are any Cambion players around, how do you play your lineage? As I’m dead set on being one, however don’t know how I could RP it as the Wiki didnt seem to help me.

Sorry for so many questions! :joy:

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This is part of why Fleets are popular: you can get a bit of everything (including sometimes a bit of plot leverage)

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Keep in mind that as a new player you get a one-off opportunity to change your resource and revamp your character after your first event, it’s generally not much of an issue. And even seasons later, if you’re not happy with your resource then it can be exchanged for a new one for 2 crowns, which is quite affordable even if you only have your seasonal income of 18 rings. Basically, don’t worry about it too much, whatever happens you won’t get stuck with your resource forever and ever :slight_smile:

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Probably best to have two separate threads, one about resources and one about cambions… although have you seen the existing one(s) about cambion horns?

As for resource choice, remember your character can trade with other characters during play. So if you have a business, you can use some of the cash to buy mana crystals to do rituals. If you have a mana-site and want to buy something, you can barter the mana crystals for what you want, or sell them for cash and use the cash to buy stuff. It’s not such a big deal.
You could just go for whatever resource gives you voting rights in your chosen nation (if you’re picking one of the nations where voting works that way).

Oh, and sometimes other people will provide the mana for you to do rituals for them (along with some payment).

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Ha, Cambions are born dead.

As for the resources, all the resources have a use but if you have a certain part of the game you want to do sometimes there’s a perfect resource to pair with that. I personally do rituals and have a mana site. But members in my Coven have businesses (money is liquid and can be exchanged for ANYTHING), a military unit (he’s well into his military game) and our priest has a congregation. So in a sample of just 5 characters you’ve got 4 different resources.

Basically this boils down to “choose something and amend if necessary”. And welcome to Empire!



Fellow cambion here. I play it as i have a particular field of interest that i aim political energies at. As well as not sharing information when it’s not politically the right thing to do. To quote a friend ‘I’m not always sure what she’s up to, but it’s usually something’.

Reading this back it sounds like some sort of unholy mashup between merrow and naga. Which I hope I don’t come across as, as I feel I don’t

Kinda evolved an awful lot in play from low lineage on generation nearly 2 years ago to middling lineage now. I’ve upped the phys repping since then and become more cambion in nature too.

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You absolutely CAN help out with rituals without any of your own mana crystals. As a ritualist your skill is the ability to use mana for rituals. It doesn’t need to be YOUR mana. If someone wants a ritual cast, then unless you feel very charitable they are the one that needs to provide the mana for the ritual so that you can, quite literally, do your magic.