I think someone is after me

I know this sounds like the paranoid ravings of someone who has stumble onto here unwittingly but it isn’t. I was told by a friend that some people were after me and planning on killing me IC. I was wondering what any of you could tell me anything and everything about this subject. If there is payment for the deed, who is likely to pay and who is like to receive the payment? If it isn’t for money then why are they doing it and who might it be? Finally how can I protect myself?

I hope that my question isn’t too broad, I would like to know all I can to keep my character safe. Thank you for your time.

This is most definitely stuff to deal with in a field rather than on a forum. However, I’ll give you some broad advice, since I’m nice.

Firstly, gather information. Who might you have pissed off? Why would someone want you dead? Do you have an Imperial position, and if so, who are your greatest rivals? Start having people nose around about it, perhaps talk to a Vigilance priest or a magistrate.

Secondly, prepare yourself. Consider wearing a shirt of mail under your clothes. Hire a bodyguard whose Loyalty you can assure- someone with an impeccable record, a Navarr who you can get an oath from, or a Freeborn who you can contract into service. Get yourself some cheap potions that might improve your chances of survival- Bloodharrow Philtre for venoms, Elixir Vitae to keep you alive, Tonic of the Surging Flame if you’re feeling spicy and have money to burn.

Third, be alert. At night, don’t travel alone. Don’t head anywhere without good lighting. Keep your back to a wall if possible, and watch for people who keep glancing at you, or might be concealing a knife. Or, if you have the coin, pay someone to do this for you.


Thank you for your swift response and for over looking my mistake. I was wondering if it was best left for the field but I thought that if I didn’t ask, I would never know. I will see what out of your suggestions I can implement into the next event. I’m fairly new so I can’t really hire anyone and I don’t have enough influence to really have any rivals. My friend just told me one day that he had been talking to someone people and had found out someone wanted me dead. Anyway, thank you again.

I’ll give you the same advice I was given; don’t go unarmed, don’t go alone. Assassins don’t like group melees where people can call for help.

If you do get attacked, scream; there is deliberately no effect which can silence you and even during your death count, you can shout for help. Remember who killed you, what they looked like and what they wore, just in case you get brought back as part of the murder investigation.

Just to be pedantic, you should also remember that an execution takes five seconds of appropriate roleplaying; don’t accept half-hearted murderers!


Thank. I will make sure that my murders do there very best to kill me.

I don’t have a group yet so hopefully next event, I can find someone. I will also look into getting my self maybe a larp safe wand or dagger.

I think I that I would be quite good at remembering how the killer looked. I’m terrible with names so I basically differentiate people through sight alone.

Your advice is sound and I think it will serve me well

Don’t go alone does not have to mean ‘stay with armed friends’ so much as avoiding quiet areas as much as you can. Don’t wander down murder alley in Navarr for example, before or after dark.

If all else fails, tell your egregore and see what they can do to help. If they fail you, wander into the League and explain your issues. Hire some cicisbei, drink with a mercenary company, ask to meet the Harlequin and end up having an adventure which ends with you waking up wearing nothing but a codpiece and glitter. Murder is specifically off-brief for us, but wandering around hiring ourselves out to anyone with a few spare crowns is not…


I’m afraid no adventure with my character ends up with him being drunk in any way because he is a square (just to clarify not a literal square, I’m not walking around as some precise geometric shape, breaking everyone’s immersion). The embarrassment might happen but that is just the fault of my social skills. Also is it my cod piece or someone else’s?

I do have a favour from someone in the league which I might be able to use if I do find myself in that area, at the harsh end of a sharp sword but I told everyone I would wave it as I had a good time following him into the hall of worlds and seeing what he would do next.

Thank you for clarifying what you meant. I do my best.


Please also note that random murders are unlikely, as Anvil is a place of law and order, there is an organised Militia and Magistrates who will deal with anyone attempting assault or murder.

In general most people will attempt to ruin your character, either their reputation or their fortune, as first option. Killing is intentionally difficult to get away with.


I would treat any rumour of people planning to kill you with a certain amount of skeptism. You really need to have pissed some people off to get killed at Empire as the Militia is actually quite good at finding and executing murderers after the fact.

Also most people are bottlers to be honest :slight_smile:. They’ll rant and make threats round a campfire with their mates but find actually planning and then dropping someone and executing them successfully is quite hard.

Keeping your character safe, well remember you can scream until they’ve finished executing you. Also Relentless and some hero points or a potion/item that does something similar can be helpful. Not wandering round on your own after dark is helpful, specially in camps where you don’t know anyone to go sit with them if you’re feeling threatened. Finally having situational awarenss of people paying a little to much attention to you and a swift set of heels are another excellent thing to have :slight_smile:.

Best of luck :+1:


Thank you, that is very reassuring. Luckily for me, I have no reputation to ruin and no fortune to steal.

Unfortunately lots of people pay too much attention to me, my costume sort of stands out and I have had a few people coming up to me to ask about it. I was also a little bit more concerned with this rumour because they were saying it was to do with heresy. From what I’ve heard, it can be a pretty good way of dealing with someone even if they haven’t done anything heretical (like me). You are probably right however that it is just talk but it is better to be safe than sorry. I will try and keep to places I know I can find help. Thank you for your advice.

My IC brother was a heretic. He wore his heretic beliefs on his shield in very large print. He wore the symbol of the heresy embroidered on his hat. He preached it to anyone who’d stand still long enough. And was played by a player whose characters died so often that he started an online database of who’d killed which one in which system…

…and he still lasted for three years, eventually dying along with the group, run over by a swarm of Jotun.

Heresy is more likely to get you debated at than assassinated… :slight_smile:


Looks like I may be safe for now then. I was always led to believe that even the slightest hint of heresy would have a large band of inquisitors storming your tent and then executing you. I’m glad to hear I can be slightly weird and not get legally murdered. Thank you for your reply.

Only in a 40k larp :slight_smile:

Being slightly wierd in this game is practically normal.

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While we’re at it, not Hatred either.
Do not ask about the Land Without Tears. It will end in tears.


I believe - though may be wrong - that the Synod has only ever had a single player character executed during the entire run of the game so far. It might be up to two, actually.

A handful of NPCs have gotten the chop, and a very small number of player characters have managed to get themselves killed off when the writing was clearly on the wall but before official justice could be done, but generally the Synod does very little in terms of persecuting anyone.

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Well in a 40k larp there would be only war so you probably have someone trying to kill you no matter what.

Okay so people really don’t like doing off battlefield killing (and even on the battlefield I know it isn’t encouraged). Well as long as I keep in a safe place, I will be more than fine.

Also on the subject of Players being killed, I met someone I think at the beginning of this year or the beginning of the year before and he was killed by the militia while trying to escape. Just thought you would find that information interesting but of course it wasn’t the Synod.

Thank you for your reply.

To be fair, I know of an inquisitor extrajudicially murdering a heretic and two other heretics killing themselves before sentencing.

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This is an excellent and true accounting of those events, but I think IWillGetThingsRong’s case is substantially different and they shouldn’t be too worried about that happening to them!

If you’re afraid you might be a heretic, talk to a priest. Religious discussion is encouraged in the Empire - we’re not Sumaah - and like Catholicism from South America through Mexico to North America and all throughout Europe, you can see the legacy of what people believed before the Way preserved in cultural practices all over:

  • the Skein in Wintermark (flavourful orthodoxy),
  • the Navarri Great Dance (aspects of which can be called heterodox, ie. different-but-not-condemnable),
  • the Marchers and their trees (openly heretical but tolerated),
  • the Freeborn with their dolphins (openly heretical but not taken particularly seriously),
  • there’s others but they’re often more subtle.

In fact, there’s a whole wiki page dedicated to helping you work out whether your beliefs are orthodox, heterodox, debated, or condemned as heretical, blasphemous or idolatrous: https://www.profounddecisions.co.uk/empire-wiki/Schisms_and_Heresies.

If you want to know how difficult it usually is to be executed for heresy, read the Winds of Fortune about the Yaelian schism (linked in that article).


I laugh if it turned out to be you all along who wanted me dead all along. ‘Don’t worry, it won’t happen to you’.

Anyway, I know my actions aren’t heretical (though I did make a small mistake when I forgot that justice wasn’t a virtue when someone mentioned it but I had been away from empire for events and I was only on my third. I apologised and said that I had been in a foreign land and that was why I had got confused).

I made sure I was dedicated to a virtue. I have spoken to a few priest. Most of them thought my ways were fine but one suggested that what I was doing may be considered heretical but that might have been because I couldn’t tell him much about it at the time.

It sounds like though from what you and other have said, that I will fine. Thank you for your answer.