I went on an Empire-wide Sermon tour and all I got was this lousy cassock

If anyone wants to have had my character deliver the Empire-wide sermon (first Wind of Fortune to go up) to their congregation- please feel free to ping me via this forum with details.

I’m keen to create the sense of having genuinely gone across the whole of the Empire preaching, but that is hard to do without IC connections. it’s also hard to do outside of social-type media. I figured I’d do it via the forums rather than Facebook though.

Simon (player of Severin)


I didn’t see this beforehand (I should really read the forums more than the Facebook group) but I’m always up for Priest/Loyalty/Congregation related letters in the future should you find yourself in a similar situation again.

Happy to host in our not-ominous-at-all chapterhouse in Necropolis in the future.