IC Banks

I heard about there being IC banks, so I was just wondering what kind of things they do? I can only think of money/item storage and loans as things that would work IC, so I was wondering if there is anything else?

Loans, basically. You’ll find a reputable one (and a famously disreputable one) in the League, as of course the Leaguesmen and Marchers have access to the most coin in Empire. The loan rates they offer are based on people being able to repay over seasons with the standard character money without forcing them in to debt

Provides for some interesting IC options to compare and get opinion on factions and whatnot, though sadly not something I get to enjoy given that money is what we already have in the League =X

Without wanting to sound pious about this, isn’t finding out what these IC banks offer something to be done in play? They are, after all, player created institutions.

Not really, it’s unspecific (eg it’s not “what rates can I get in these circumstances?”), so unless you’re playing a character who has no concept of what a bank in Empire is or does then it seems fairly harmless.

Also, the next event is almost 7 months away.

You could imagine people running safe deposit boxes with the Night Pouch spell or the ritual that creates an even more secure storage.


Not really, it’s unspecific (eg it’s not “what rates can I get in these circumstances?”), so unless you’re playing a character who has no concept of what a bank in Empire is or does then it seems fairly harmless.

Also, the next event is almost 7 months away.[/quote]

I think asking what things the banks do to be fairly specific and, thus, best left for the game - clearly your mileage varies but I prefer to err on the side of things happening in the field rather than online. I don’t think the length of time to the next event has any relevance to whether it is appropriate to discuss or not, it either is or is not (within reasonable bounds of doubt and uncertainty ).

I entirely agree with nick and think it’s best left to a IC discovery. Now let peer pressure commence!

I suppose if the banks want our business, they’ll advertise… If they can’t afford to advertise then they’re not much use as a bank! LOL!

The sensible guidance is: is there fun RP to be had finding out what the bank does?

Yes? Don’t talk about it.

No? Fire away

Personally, it sounds like finding out is a boring admin task, so I say talk about it,just stop before you ruin fun RP. So talking about the existence, fine. Arranging a loan, not.

FOIP has finally been put out of my misery, please let’s not bring it back via the back door.

FOIP is alive and we’ll at Empire, just not in the same way that it was at Maelstrom - which is probably a good thing :slight_smile:

Always interesting to see what appeals to people and how that varies - for example I would see going and talking to the IC bankers IC in the field, discussing what they might be able to offer me, etc. as a nice RP opportunity and not a piece of boring admin - whilst clearly mileage varies as Sable shows.

Discussing and comparing interest rates sounds particularly dull to me, (But a necessary IC thing)

Figuring out what services real world banksdo that could theoretically translate to the field (With the much higher chance of character death) seems to me more like working out the mechanics of a bank rather than a fun roleplay experience.

A Briar walking into a Navarri bank looking for money would be a twist on that, and might lead to some RP… but that’s where I’d draw that line.

Possibilities :
*Bank accounts / savings
*Safe deposit boxes
*Last will & testament keeping
*Life Insurance?
*Holding personal resources?
*Legal services such as overseeing written contracts?

I’d actually say providing a list of services was too IC; that’s why I didn’t give you any specific names of banks or additional services, just confirming that essentially what the banks presently do are loans as, by and large, people don’t need their money held.

Everything else you can generally discuss or arrange; most places would be happy to consider any services you can broach because, you know, money. When it comes to things like wills you would normally speak with scriveners, scribes, or exceptionally attractive cambion leaguesmen doctors who specialise in such legal matters at very favourable rates that extend to any ritual services you may require to keep such matters secret to everyone.

PD give us the option of banking money and resources (which we’ll have the option to pass to another in your group during downtime)

If neither PD nor any IC banks offers interest rates on savings, then I can’t really see the point of a savings account… I’ll have to look into that a bit further in the field.

Certianly dont see any benefit of having secure storage when theres the huge metagame option of just taking your valuable IC stuff and leaving it in your car\tent on the OOC field. As far as loans I can just see the whole “Create disposable character, get loan for as much as you can with as many different banks as you can, get cash, give to your mates, get killed” cycle preventing anyone in their right mind from giving out loans. It’s right up there with creating a character just to get a resource getting killed off regenerating. As far as I am aware there are no diminishing returns that prevent you from creating a character getting killed in a skirmish on friday keeping all your rescources getting killed in the saturday battle etc etc. Much better than any rate of interest a bank could offer.
Don’t get me wrong I’m sure PD would notice a person with a consistantly high character turnover and I’m not suggesting for one minute that this is a good Idea but if I as someone who wouldn’t consider doing so can come up with it then a less than scrupulous player might. but that’s a whole new debate but FWIW my opinion is that IC banks are too open to abuse to stand any chance of being viable in play.

If people want to cheat, they’ll cheat. It’s a shame, but that’s how things go. The majority of people are more interested in, you know, having fun and roleplaying.

However, I know at least one bank has what’s called contracts, and there is a chain of liability that follows. Equally, it’s always interesting for the magistrates.

Much like regen spamming for items, these things can be tracked, and players can be dealt with; confirm the details of the person you are making deals with, and they get stopped.

That’s not to say you couldn’t join a group you don’t like, that don’t know you don’t like them, take out loans, give it to your bessy mate, then get shanked and let your group take the schtick. =D

Having stored stuff, including valuable things, in various ways, there could definitely be a market for someone who offered trustably secure storage on the field somehow. Not easy to do, of course. But the big advantage: you don’t have to walk off the field, back to your tent, then back onto the field, and then relocate your trading partner, all to sell something. You can do it with a quick stroll to the Hub, or the League, or the Brass Coast, or wherever.

Obviously the win condition for such a group would be to be well known and respected enough that people could buy and sell materials by simply trading and re-endorsing the certificates you’ve given them for their deposit, only coming and collecting things when they felt the need to actually use them. That would be a cool goal for a group to aspire to - and I’d certainly consider patronising such a service if I were playing a trader.

(I also don’t hugely like it being called a “metagame” option. Many characters obviously have a fairly secure camp set up off the IC field: they sleep in it, store spare personal clothing and so on in it. Keeping valuables there as well isn’t metagaming, it’s a way to physrep the fact that you can’t in fact dig holes in Tournament Stud)

I never ment to ofend anybody by suggesting that camping OOC and keeping things there was metagaming it’s part of the choice of how you wish to camp. But I have heard several players referencing “getting something from the cart” or “It’s in the baggage train” who were camping IC. Obviously there is no requirement to keep all of ones IC kit in the IC area regardless of ones choice to camp IC or OOC. In my opinion (and that don’t count for much) it is kind of cheesy to circumvent the possibility of getting robbed or burgled (if camping IC) by using the “everything this side of the hedge is miraculously beyond the game” rule.

You need to be more creative when robbing people then

This would be awesome!