IC camping tent suitability

Planning on attending for the first time sometime next year. Buying all my kit and armour through the next few months, but I’m stumped by the tents. I know IC camping has pretty strict requirements, and I wanted to check if this type of tent would be suitable: 4.5m Bell tent 10-person pyramid round with zipped in ground sheet Bla | Bell tents

The obviously suitable cloth ones are a touch out my price range, but I don’t want to drop money on a tent I couldn’t use IC. Thanks for any help anyone can give in advance

I’m afraid the 2 photos on grass on that page make it look too shiny plastic, it really needs to look like canvas.

Keep an eye on UK Larp kit (Face Book) and some of the festival glamping sites as they will shortly sell off the excess stock about this time of year, and if you’re willing to do some minor repairs (Bit of stitching, new ropes or pegs, patching minor holes in groundsheets) you can get a proper canvas tent for about £200 usually, just pre-loved.

Do also think about whether you need to camp IC. If it’s just being used as a sleeping space a plastic tent will be cheaper, easier to look after, carry and store, and you won’t be far away from the action - it’s not a festival, all of the camping is within 5 mins of IC.
If you’re planning on set dressing it as an IC space during the day then great but you might find if you’re already outlaying for armour and weapons this is an expense that can be postponed at least.


Thanks, I figured as much but I thought it better to ask first. Thank you

Depending on the friends you make you may also be able to find someone IC to share with, which can be to both your benefits for the colder events of E1 and E4.


As a first time, I’d really encourage you to camp OC. It’s cheaper, easier and if you discover you don’t like larp, you don’t have a super expensive tent!


I find camping IC a lot easier, but it generally does need a more expensive tent. I did once pick up an ic sleeping tent I used at Maelstrom for £15 from an army surplus, but that was tiny.

This listing has just come up on Ebay. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/233321509159?ViewItem=&item=233321509159

These things are scout tents and survive teenage boys for many years so should do you well at Larp.

You’ll want to buy a heavy duty groundsheet to go with, or a camp bed to keep you off the floor but that should still fit in your budget of less than 200, and you can probably sell it on for the same price once you’re done with it.

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NB 6 man means 6 teenagers sleeping like sardines. They do nicely for 2 adult camp beds, with a bit of space for standing in the middle and some kit and boot dump at the end.


Going to link my cheapo IC tent. Even including shipping, paracord for guy lines, and pegs, it comes out around £40. it’s low enough it survived the winds that took out several other IC tents in the camp, it’s very light, and for one person it has plenty of space. I am pondering a second one just as a kit dump.

It’s excellent value as it even has a built in groundsheet. I’d recommend chucking a can of waterproofing spay over it anc checking it for tiny holes though. Which are easy enough to patch.

I had seen that one, I didn’t realise it was IC approved. Ordering one now, I had ordered a different one, but it was camouflague/olive green. Might use that one for equipment and this one for sleeping. Thanks a bunch

The only rule is “no shiny synthetics”.
This thing’s polycotton canvas and therefore fine. The only way to mess up is ordering the F2 issue one which is pure nylon.

Some fabrics that are part plastic or impregnated with plastic are fine; oxford canvas bell tents are fine and materials like polyhemp are positively ideal for guy ropes at Empire. But tents that are obviously synthetic, such as those made of nylon or any material that is sufficiently plastic that it becomes glossy and highly reflective cannot be used in the in-character area.