IC Children Activities/Kit

Hey, I’m new to the Empire scene but have some basic LARP experience.

I’m hoping to attend my first even at E3 with my two sons (ages 8 and 5) and wondered if anyone had some suggestions on how to make sure they enjoy the event as much as myself.

Can anyone offer some IC ideas on things they can do to keep busy? I have heard about the academy but I want them to have games/crafts to do whilst around our IC tent too.

Also, any help with kit ideas would be great.


p.s. were are from Wintermark

First off I’d recommend getting them involved in The Academy as it provides fun ‘classes’ on how the world works and explains the game to the kids (and is great for the adults as well) profounddecisions.co.uk/empi … he_Academy

Larp safe wooden swords are well worth getting hold of as it allows the kids to play at fighting. My boys (4 & 6) love theirs and Children aren’t allowed to use steel looking physreps.

For around camp plain wooden blocks, mini blackboard & chalk and other wooden toys are all worth getting.

Get a couple of IC-ish notebooks (some in Sainsburys for 2.49 if you’re lucky) and pencils. Get them to find interesting things and document / draw them in their books. Promise them a ring for every five pages they fill (or whatever).

I might talk to GOD and do a feeding walk for wildlife.

Birds and squirrels and things.