IC fire area

Greetings everyone. I was wondering what everyone’s IC fire area looks like or how it’s set up. I’ve gone over the Fire restrictions and rules on the wiki, but some examples would help me to understand how fires and cooking areas are setup in the IC area. Much thanks!

Let’s see…

Varushka, famously, has a large iron bowl (about 5 foot diameter) with the fire within that, in the center of their camp.

Navarr has a large iron ball (cut to show stencils against the flames) with the fire below and inside it, for their songs and stories…

Many of the smaller fires tend to be by group, not by nation: Wintermark, Dawn, and likely many others go for the firetrays and braziers carefully set up withing a circle of chairs or benches, with any ceilings being about 7 foot above.

I’m afraid that I don’t have many photos of these, but I suspect someone else can come up with a few…?

That sounds amazing. For the smaller ones, or group fires, do folks commonly use a fire bowl? I understand it has to be 18" off the ground, how is this achieved? Sorry for all the questions as well, trying to plan all the kit I need for my first event.

Many of these sorts of things come with their own metal legs:


can be pretty safe in terms of dropped embers:


or indeed are big and solid enough:

(the sort of half-an-oil-drum firepits)

that you could feasibly stick them up on bricks to hold them high enough.

These are just photos I’ve grabbed from the internet, but neither of those shown would stick out too much at Empire.

Oh, here’s another, for the minimalist:

Tesco cheap BBQ, not sure of the hieght, but I think it was £20 when I got one for home use a while back.

As you have noted, in particularly dry events, fire safety rules may restrict the absolute number of fires allowed. In which case national ones do tend to take priority.

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Thank you so so much. I’m genuinely thankful for the visuals! Wow, I’m now thinking Empire has to be seen in person to actually get the full scope of what’s there. Thank you again. I really appreciate that!


There are at least three photos that have come close to capturing the sense of scale that you experience when you’re in the field. There’s one of Anvil just after sunset, there’s one of the coronation and there’s one of the human sacrifice. I’ve not really noticed a good battle shot that brings out the scale, although the War Rhino comes close.
I’m sure more seasoned and less tired fans would be able to point you in the direction of the photos I mean, but I am not currently the person to do that.

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Thank you for those tips though! I’ll dig a bit on the ol’ interwebs to see if I can find them. Looking forward to when I can actually see it for myself.

Okay, here’s a few photos trying to show scale.

They are likely from:
Beth Dooner, Oliver Facey, or Tom Garnett.

From year 5:


Also from year 5:

From year 6:

…and you know this is from a couple of years back… (I won’t dig out my favourites from the whole saga…), it’s got better since then!

Just scrolling through the photos above, I can see Dawn, the Marchers, Wintermark, Highguard… the Jotun and the Druj…

I sometimes think we forget quite how large and long-running this has been. This would be the ninth year of play… and there’s plenty of room and opportunity to join in. You and yours will be most welcome :slight_smile:

(again a note, all photos likely from our skilled photographers above, apologies that I cannot credit each one accurately)

(except this one from Tom Garnett. Memorial ceremony by Wintermark…)


Also, some people have stoves in tents, with a stovepipe chimney going out through a hole in the wall or roof (with canvas suitably protected from hot metal).


Woah, that sounds epic. Thank you so much for all the info and picture!

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