IC gloss for OOC terms

There’s a good few mechanics in this game, and quite a lot, especially the combat rules, can occasionally be called upon in game.

What examples have you encountered where you or someone else has said something in reference to a rule or a rule change, and the other person understands what you mean, without referring to the rules.

Some examples I’ve found:

“I cannot do that, they guard against that now”. (I can’t send my fleet raiding a specific port, the rules changed).

“Hold the line Dawn! We’re here for a while, so don’t dig deep unless you need to!” (This battle is on a timer, do not use your hero points all in one splurge)

“The way that the Realms and Runes work has shifted, it works slightly differently”. (The magic rules have changed again…)

“I require more crystal mana to complete this ritual” (No really, I do)

“I have taken many small injuries” (I’ve been pinged a lot and am on low HP, but no Trauma cards or Cleaves)

“No! This cannot be!! I am unstoppable!!! Rahhhh!!!” (I am an enormous ham who wishes you to know that I’ve used unstoppable, okay?)


Pretty well known ones, but monstering battles is “maneuvers” and monstering skirmishes is “berry picking”

“Those with a heroic soul could resist this” (spend a hero point to resist)

I have heard walking the trods round Anvil for monstering

‘Since the last conjuction…’ [this is how the rules work now,]


The Red wanderer has moved again. (For… Well anything really)

Recent conjunction means X has changed (for any X that is magic, or vaguely magic-related like magic items or the Sentinel Gate or astronomancy or anything you could vaguely explain away with constellations).

Liao skills I fudge on a case-by-case thing rather than blaming on conjunctions, I admit. :slight_smile:

The official IC terminology for hero points is “spiritual strength”. At least insofar as they allow you to overcome roleplaying effects, a.k.a. “supernatural influences affecting your soul”. In setting everything with a roleplaying effect is a “supernatural influence”.

Hero points are not the only source of “spiritual strength”; any game mechanic that lets you overcome a roleplaying effect, or replace one roleplaying effect with another is a “source of spiritual strength”. This includes the abilities of certain lineages.

Using this language, built into the game, should be preferable, in my opinion, to clumsy euphemisms like “digging deep” or “being stubborn”. When you use hero points you are “drawing on spiritual strength”. It’s fine to use other phrasings, but we shouldn’t talk around it like supernatural influences and the sources of spiritual strength to overcome them aren’t part of the everyday commonplace understanding of how the Empire world works.

Ah recent movements of the heavens has caused the arcance principals of Inspiration, Wisdom and Divination to become more distinct. As such it is no longer possible to use the realm of Day to divine curses.

I’d actually disagree, Spiritual strenght is an OOC term for a specific use of hero points, unlike hero points it’s a term that translates well into IC parlance, although the problem is mostly the word point behind it. Still it would be inaccurate to refer to using hero points to cleave an opponents limb as spirtual strenght (although it might work for certain characters,) Stubborn by contrast could be used to refer to a broader selection of uses of hero points and captures some characterisation (also literally is a perfect description of the Cambion racial ability)

Also while it’s easy from an OOC perspective to talk about this being clearly supernatural, it actually feels like it a potentially quite contentious roleplaying topic IC. OOC we know bits of the setting are OOC possible and others aren’t, IC both love and a compass are described as hearth magic on the wiki, in various places.

I quite like refering to hero points simply as ‘Heroic will’ or ‘Heroic Spirit’. some one who is out of it is ‘drained’…

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