IC Item Prices

I wasn’t sure whether to post this here or in Gen. Discussion, so sorry if I guessed wrong. :stuck_out_tongue: Me and a friend (the artisan in my group) were wondering if there is a standard price of any of the game items yet? And if not, what prices people have personally bought them for? Particularly Tempest Jade, Dragonbone, Orichalcum, Weltsilver, Ambergelt and Beggars Lye.

Same question for Ilium? Am I remembering rightly you can buy it from the Bourse? If so how much?

[mod hat]Not really, it really depends on what you can get people to sell it you for and that’s a conversation best held in the field. Likewise the price for Illium can be found by going and speaking to the people who have it.

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