Ic meetings on thursday nights

So I heard that a bunch of player are planning to have a multi nation IC meeting on Thursday night? To get around it appearing “bad” they may call it a player event.

I would be very interested in hearing peoples views on this. Personally it doesn’t quite sit right with me.

Matt’s about to leave for the field but he asked to pass along that “We wouldn’t sanction a player event on Thursday, nor have we been asked to.” So I hope people would bear that in mind.


Useful to hear. Hopefully it is just a joke that has been moved out of context, given how much trouble everyone anticipates squeezing in everything this weekend!

Sadly I don’t think the planned IC discussion was a joke.

Thank you Matt via Mark for clarification.

If this is planned I feel this is a bad form by those parties and shouldn’t be happening.

Unfortunately you can’t stop people talking if they want to but agreed, it’s pretty poor form.

I’m not involved in any way with the group but -

What’s wrong in having IC conversation if all agree, sometimes the events are so packed with stuff; a private meeting wouldn’t go a miss.

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IC meetings should be during Time In, as per the rules on roleplaying, Time in, and the IC area.

Doing so outside Time In means that you don’t have to prioritise or risk missing other things (a major advantage), can’t be overheard or interrupted (another major advantage) and so on.

Please do not do so. Especially do not host big multinational meetings.

Is it similar to sending IC letters???

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The critical difference between IC letters and a large meeting like this is the size. One to one conversations, much like one to one letters, are much more reasonable.

But bringing together a large number of characters for a conference from across the Empire needs to either be a formal player event, or be done in uptime.

… I mean, I’m planning on meeting up with a bunch of friends OOC and singing and socialising with people I’d love to - but never quite find the time to - socialise with IC, but I wouldn’t dream of talking IC shop there. It’d be like doing it on Facebook or on here (both of which are not on).

The problem is it cuts people out of potentially game-changing discussion who for OC reasons can’t be there Thursday night. Also, the point about taking said discussion out of the range of IC interference or right of witness and it has to be a big no.

I understand quite a large “player event” is due to start on Friday afternoon?

I hope so, I’m rather hyped for it.