IC Penpal

Mercia of Cantiarch’s Hold at your service. Healer, Mage and lead seamstress of The Golden Needle (my kit repair service.) I’m also one of the Trading liasons for Cantiarch’s (especially for Wintermark, Highguard, Marches and Varushka - who I would be most looking forward to making links with.)

Would anyone be interested in writing to each other IC? Surely we should all have friends from afar :slight_smile:

I think this would be fun. Please reply.

Mercia (Emily)

would be happy to as faelan.

This sounds like a fantastic way of getting to know the other nations!
I’ll find you next event (or will at least try to) :slight_smile:

I think we met briefly last event - you or someone else from your group, anyway! - I promised to come visit you at the next summit and see your sewing station and maybe lend a hand! If I do get a chance to come find you, being IC penpals sounds like a fun thing to do :smiley:

I’m definitely up for it if you find me IC. I’m unlikely to have time to find you… busy event planned :smiley:

I like having people to IC chat to over downtime, and I haven’t really got anyone (outside of my group) I do that with for Empire yet.

My family have a thing for foreign exchange (everyone spent some time in another nation as a child) so penpals sounds right up our ally. :slight_smile:
Unfortunately none of the currently active family members spent their childhood in Highguard, so there isn’t likely to be a pre-existing connection.