IC Player Groups Within Dawn

I realise this is a repeat of what is on the Empire group. But its worth repeating. I also figure some of this has changed since it was reviewed and other groups have come forward etc. Am happy to keep it updated if folks let me know changes. If I figure out how to do images will try and get house symbols up too.

[size=150]House de Carsenere[/size]
Contact: Luke Southwell

A young noble house having been formed in 330 YE (46 years ago) when a charismatic cambion Aramis split from house Videre and convinced several knights of the house that the his ambition of conquering the barrens could be realised. Moving to Drycastle what followed was 8 years of bloody campaigns, with little gain being made, culminating in the Earls death in 338 YE.
He was succeeded by Hagan a female changeling, who worked on coordinating with the Navaar, and defending Drycastle. Passing away in 373 YE she was replaced by Tristram de Carsenere who once again began perusing more aggressive tactics. Following the young empress’s appointment to the throne the house began making preparations for a full campaign in the barrens however the young empress died before such a campaign could properly begin.
There will be possibilities for spell casters, medics, fighters, etc though we are hoping for as many combat characters as possible with a backing of men at arms in the down time so we can have plenty of clout when we go looking for fights which should be fairly often.

[size=150]House d’Acier[/size]
An ancient noble house on the borders of Semmerholm and the Barrens, long standing in defence of Dawn from the barbarian tribes, House d’Acier is often a staging point for Knights Errant heading into the Barrens to undergo their Tests of Mettle.
Unfortunately, as the heir-presumptive and a number of younger nobles accompanied a party of Knights Errant on the first stage of their journey into the Barrens, tracking a party of Orcs who had ransacked a nearby village, tragedy struck. A larger band of barbarians took this opportunity and struck at Castle d’Acier, slaying the old Earl and his court. The adventuring party returned just too late, catching the barbarian horde as they were finishing up the slaughter. The barbarians were swiftly slain, but the damage was done.
The young heir and his companions must now take control of the House d’Acier, and restore it to its former Glory.

[size=150]House Seren[/size]
Contact: Neil Prior
A small and largely overlooked house within Dawn not holding much in the way of land or influence. Its members and nobility have always been seen as dependable and steady: good men and women to have at your side in battle.
Until recently the house was led by Sir Leslie Seren a venerable knight much admired by his peers.
Tragedy has struck the house in that the majority of the noble stock of the house were killed whilst on campaign with Empress Britta.
The new head of the house is the former heir presumptive Sir Neil Seren.
Family Motto: Non omnis moriar [Not everything dies.](with thanks to the Bascom family for letting me borrow their motto)
Lineage: Pure human stock no recorded history of any family members with any other linage.
No Lineages, priests or mages permitted in the house. (If you do try for a test of mettle you’ll get asked to perform something impossible like starting with a one ring coin on the first square of a chess board place double the amount on the next square and continue placing coins on the chess board doubling the amount of coins each square or something similar)
Caveat: All references relating to perception of the house refer to before game 1 due to the great changes to the house there is no reason for those beliefs to remain the status quo.

[size=150]House Gauvain[/size]
Contact : Woody
House De Gauvain can trace its origins back to the time when their forebears came to these lands to carve out a new kingdom. First established by Gawaine De Gauvain it was a proud and strong house and while it rarely held political seats of power in the early history of Dawn, it always found itself able to guide those in power.
As a house it took care of all members equally ensuring that nobles, yeoman, practitioners of magic and craft and its troubadours could all benefit from the wealth that came to the house and it prospered both politically and economically. It gained renown and glory for the number of knights willing and able to take the field, for crafting the highest quality items, having great mages at its disposal and the fine oratory of its troubadours. Its highest source of renown was for the finely crafted fabrics of its weavers which were made into battle banners for the houses of Dawn. It was said that staying in favour with House De Gauvain was preferable as charmed banners could quickly become cursed.
This all changed with the Marches revolt. Earl Henry De Gauvain was startled and surprised when all but a few of the house yeoman and a number of nobles decided to leave to make a new life in new lands. This threw the house into chaos with these traitors forming the core of the Talbots. The prosperity that was taken for granted was no more as the lands held were not farmed, the mines left derelict and the crafthouses empty and silent. The political strength rapidly began to wane and membership of the house followed suit. The House gradually fell out of favour, and with fewer nobles joining the house, the likelihood of this changing seemed remote. The House managed to maintain small amounts of renown and glory through adept use of its crafters and witches and through this it was able to continue attract nobles and yeoman to the House.
Under the previous Earl the house had started to regain some of its former glory. Some Knight Errant’s see returning the house to its former station as a glorious challenge. Its long history of excellence in weaving magics has led many yeomen who seek glory to approach the house for a test of mettle instead of joining a cabal, whilst the ready access to resources for crafting has attracted those who wish to perfect their craft without fighting over resources with others. Whilst the house is welcoming to those with lineage a higher standard is expected of them.Heraldry - Golden Pheonix rising from flames on an ermines background

[size=150]Knights Ardent[/size]
Contact: Gaz Falselastname
Concept: A questing knight order formed of those devoted to the virtue of Ambition, and the example of the Lion of Dawn (described below). The order prizes and relishes the never ending quest to master one’s own vocation to earn personal glory and glory in the name of the empire. The order has no center of operations and is instead a travelling brotherhood with each member questing alone or in small groups around the empire to find the greatest challenges of their craft, be it warfare, artifice or the spoken word. The order rarely considers politicians worth accepting into the order however, as it’s members favour a direct path of mastery that is hardly suited to senators.
The order lacks any real heraldry other than icons incorporating the flame of ambition or the roaring lion, members are enchouraged to maintain their own heraldry and identity as each knight-brother has his own path to follow.
The only position of rank in the whole order is that of Marshall, however the Marshall has no more power to order another knight-brother than any other member of the order. The position exists only to act as a voice for the order, and to ensure the dedication of all to the pursuit of personal goals.
Entry into the order is traditionally open to all those who have passed their test of mettle and achieved membership into a noble house of good standing. Those who pursue the warriors path are most welcome in the order, as are troubadores who follow the virtue of ambition. Craftsmen who specialise in the trappings of war are also highly respected, and afforded honour with each new masterpiece they forge. Those who pursue the magical arts are seen less frequently within the ranks of the order, with war witches being inducted into the order more often than witch weavers. The natural predjudice against the group oriented nature of the weavers is more strongly felt amongst those who pursue personal excellence.
The position of Marshall of the Knights Ardent currently falls to Sir Corbin of house De Gauvain, a relatively inexperienced young knight with large greaves to fill after the untimely death of the previous Marshall, Sir Gaiden of house (x, undecided), fallen in the battle of (x) against the (x).
OOC: A low IC input order with members simply having the IC requirement of being devoted to the virtue of ambition, and following in the example of the Lion of Dawn. We will have a shrine with event regular “prayers” (meditations upon the path) hopefully led by a troubatore with decent oratory skills (Dawnish troubadores of ambition have good roleplay opportunities here). Roleplay requirements are mainly to never rest on your own Laurels after victory, and instead look to the next challenge to overcome. The incorporation of a small flame or lion/lions head somewhere on the costume is also required for membership. If you feel the classical image of the knight on a never ending quest, always seeking the prize, always just out of reach, membership may be for you. Links or membership to another IC group cocurrently is reccomended however, as the order is made up of questing individuals sharing a common drive rather than a tight knit group to provide game. The group will have some ties to the Academy of Arms project (hard skill larp school and training centre for both children and adults) due to the patron Exemplar (Adelmar the Lion) being the founder of the SoA, and the group leader of the Knights Ardent also organising the AoA in the empire system.
Due to the IC background and feel, the orders members will likely be attempting to attend as many training sessions/drills/practices of other various groups and nations as will take us.

[size=150]House De Rondell[/size]
Contact: Adam Stevenson
An ancient house that has had it’s fortunes rise and fall many times over the centuries but their proximity to the Castle of Thorns in Astolat has always kept them near to the political heart of dawn.
The house hold three virtues as the primary guiding forces behind their deeds and ancestral achievement, immortalised in the three crescent moons on their heraldry.
Pride in your own worth and that which you ancestors have won.
Ambition to constantly reach out and grasp every situation and turn it the advantage of the house.
Courage to always step forwards into the fray or into the unknown.

[size=150]House Rykker[/size]
Contact- TDB
A small house who days of glory have long passed them due to a series of Earls who seemed more worried about the next feast than strapping on their armour and seeking glory on the battlefield. Thus the house is lead by Erykk Ryker the eldest son of the current Earl and an exile of the Rykker lands. Those who follow Erykk wear an altered heraldry than the traditional Rykker coat of arms. The exiled house focus on war and thus all members are expected to be able to fight first and pursue other skills second.
House Colours- Red, with the heraldric device in gold
Heraldry- rampant cynogriffin ( or sky hound) surrounded by gauntlets

[size=150]House Novarion[/size]
Colours: Red and gold heraldry,
Symbol: Phoenix in flames
House Location - Applefell in Weirwater
Concept: A house that fell to ruin 2 generations ago and now encourages its members to accomplish great deeds in distant lands or other parts of the Empire as an important part of its tests of mettle.
In YE 52 in the reign of Empress Richilde, a young warrior named Novaria in the armies of Dawn, fought in the campaigns against the Orcs. She gathered other like-minded warriors to her banner and at the battles of Semmerholm she was a seasoned fighter who with her retinue outflanked the Orcs, by a forced march through the night and charged at a significant moment, shattering the Orc lines and helping to bring victory for the Empire.
In recognition of this feat she was granted a parcel of land and many of her warriors remained by her side and pledged to form a new house. Using the wealth and slaves captured from the Orcs. They built a fortress on one of the highest hills in Applefell and were charged with its defence.
The house prospered, producing fine cider and brave warriors who went off to battle winning both glory and wealth. The children of the Earl and other members of the house often entered into the same house as their parents. However the 8th Earl, Kale Novarion was visited one night by a nearby Cabal of Weavers.
The Cabal had been watching House Novarion for some time and predicted with great gravitas that “A fruit that falls on under the eaves of the tree will never prosper, it must be cast far away to grow or it shall bring rot and pestilence in its wake.”
The Earl considered the warning but could not bear to bring discord to the house by forcing away its loyal offspring. Many years later the Earls daughter was unwisely caught unprepared by a rebel Orc slave uprising and captured. Her sheltered upbringing in Applefell made her easy to coerce into giving up secrets of the castle, and the rebel Orcs burnt the castle to the ground through sabotage before fleeing to join the massing Orc armies.
Most of the house died in the fire and only a handful escaped. The House’s wealth and reputation were in ruins. The Earl remembering the words of the Weaver cabal declared that the House needed to spread its self wide. He began the slow process of rebuilding the House, swearing to never again let those of his household grow to be weak closeted individuals and instead to heed the Cabals words and scatter the fallen apples wide to prevent another rot.
From then on, tests of mettle were always written so that extensive foreign travel was required. Insulation and clannishness was dangerous and should be avoided at all costs by prompting its members to seek glory from distant lands. Any person seeking entry into the house is often set difficult tasks that require extensive travel and perseverance to complete, thus encouraging them to grow into headstrong individuals with allies in unusual places. The house attracted a few more questing Knights and after 2 generations the castle is almost rebuilt, still only a fraction of their former strength the house is eager and ambitious. It’s Heraldry symbolising the Phoenix rising from the ashes of its defeat, renewed and wiser for its lesson.

[size=150]House Morgen:[/size]
Contact: Chris Smith
Colours: Green and Blue
Symbol: Rising Sun against a blue sky with green hills bisected by a river in the foreground.
House Location - Astolat, about 20 miles north of Oldheart
Concept: An Orphanage
IC: House Morgen is a small Noble House of Dawn which runs an Orphanage called The Morning House. It takes in children from all over the Empire who need help and shelter.
OOC: Morning house is a group of students and volunteers from a school near Bristol.
House Morgen was orignally an old trading house that would trade between
Temeschwar and Seren, passing the goods and trade on into the rest of Dawn. It made many riches in the days of old, but as time went on, the trade began to fall.
In more recent years, the House kept watch over the lands on the edge of Dawnish territory, still trying to trade where it could. Slowly the numbers of Knights and Yeomen in the house began to fall, and soon the House was only the Lord and his wife.
House Morgen looked like it was soon going to fade into the history books as Earl Morgen’s wife died, leaving him Childless. However, it seemed like the Eternals were looking down on Earl Morgen, as a few days later, he found a young Child wandering through the lands. The child was from the Marches, and his family had just been wiped out by a landslide, leaving him Orphaned.
Earl Morgen adopted the child and named him Nascien. Nascien grew up taking on the Dawnish traditions, and served in the Imperial Army as a Pathfinder in order to complete his Test of Mettle.
After a decent and honoruable service in the Army, Nasicen returned home to complete his Test. Once he did, Nascien and his adopted father began to build an Orphanage, moved by the sights that Nasicen had seen when scouting at the edge of Barbarian lands, and the kindness shown by other Orphanages and his own adopted father.
Shortly before the Orphanage was completed, Earl Grendle Morgen passed away, leaving the Earldom of House Morgen to Nascien, who named the Orphanage after the House which had taken him in.
Nascien now uses the contact he made during his time in the army, and his knowledge of the world to help bring people together and look after children who need shelter and help. He hopes in the long term that his kindness will be able to repay that of those who helped him in his time of need.

[size=150]House Martel[/size]
Contact: Stephen Noble
Colours: Black/dark blue and white
Iconography: Three Stars and/or white rose
Location: Barrens
Theme: Seeking to capture the Barrens
Once a great House of Dawn from the Barrens where they used to push the war for Dawn. They fought against the Freedom Heresy. Military action against Montane became stumped by politics. The Empire gave more credence to the rogue nation than to the settlements House Martel attempted to carve. In response they moved more east into dangerous regions and away from politics. While on campaign they received a marriage proposal, which meant influence
within the Dawn.
As acknowledgement for House Martel’s endeavours, a marriage was arranged with another noble house of Dawn (any house want to fuse backgrounds a little?). When the news reached them they returned via Simmerlak. En-route they returned to Fort called, The Witches Retreat, to pick up the other Lords and Ladies. It was an opportunity to gather the campaigning knights and visit the rest of the House who were based on the western edge, along the border to Semmerholm. When they returned to the Witches Retreat they found the place in ruin. The Lords and Ladies were butchered. The enemy was still there. There was blood that eve as the sunlight fell into twilight and the three stars called the three sisters, shone in bloody radiance.
That was the Battle of Sisters Causeway. From that day the heraldry changed from three lions to three stars. Many folk tales that speak of the heraldic change but only those of House Martel really know the truth as to why. After the Battle they stayed for some time at Witches Retreat, rebuilding and adding towers, renaming it Witches Watch. The towers were observation points. Reports from those around Simmerlak speak of strange magic there. After some time had passed those at the Witches Watch returned to the rest of House Martel. Earl Redford adopted the new heraldry and a new House Martel was exposed to the world. A House whose focus was not in the east but rather set on the centre of the Empire; on Anvil. Rumours persist that on that night at Sisters Causeway House Martel found an Eternal of Night, or sought after one…

[size=150]House Ergo[/size]
Contact: Laura Hoskison
House location: Culwich (Weirwater)
House colours: Red and Green
House emblem/heraldry: Green background with three diagonal red stripes
House background: House Ergo is cash poor but honour rich. With its lands being bordered by mountains to the North and the Semmerlak to the East it has never had room to grow. This has meant that nobles, while still noble in spirit and in deed, are closer to their lands and yeoman than many other Houses. Lavish banquets and tourneys are reserved for only the most important of occasions, and money is a resource not to be squandered without cause. Because of this, the house is often looked down upon as rather common and is not often petitioned by those seeking Tests of Mettle.

[size=150]House Arwood[/size]
Contact: Jaz Whiteside
House Location: near Applefell, hidden in the mountains (Weirwater) currently lodging with House Martel.
House Colours: Azure and Gold
House Heraldry: Azure background, silver strip with rampant Pegasus
House Background: A small but rich House with both money and land, its separation from the rest of Dawn up in the mountains has lead to the House Arwood becoming self involved and distant. Reluctant to join battles, they view honor and nobility through decorum and ability to control ones emotions in times of crisis, and see fighting as a loss of self control. This lack of wanting to fight soon led to their downfall as Arwood’s ill prepared household became overrun in the night by orcs. All but one of the nobles perished, the number of yeoman survivors unknown and scattered. The House is almost extinct, its tattered hall left abandoned and forgotten on the mountain side

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