IC Poetry Styles

I’m making my new character (League Cicisbeo) and I’m looking at writing/selling IC poetry. Looking around the wiki, i can see a lot of information about Music, but no information about written poetry. Can anyone help with what sorts of poetry are common/popular in different nations. I’m thinking more in terms of form than content. So far I’ve got:

League-Petrarachan Sonnets
Wintermark - Possibly Anglo-Saxon heroic epics

Any and all help greatly appreciated.

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for some reason I think of Urizen using Haiku and Dawn producing endless rhyming couplets…

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I expect the song styles give you a good flavour for their written prose too.

Highguard is probably mostly fairly religious in theme, and designed to make the reader think either on the Virtues as concepts or particular Exemplars, plus a selection of bawdy rhyming innuendo.

I don’t know enough about poetry styles to be able to name them though!


I’ve been playing around with tanka (5-7-5-7-7) and haiku for the base Urizen poetry form…but, due to the fact Shakespearian sonnets are hellishly technical to write, I’ve been playing with them as well.

That and building verse with a strong rhythmic structure as core as well

If you’re at a loss for poetry forms to play with, Wikipedia is amazing for lists of types.

There’s a specific IRL originate from a Classical Persian style which (irritatingly) I can’t remember the name of, but with appropriate subject matter I could see working for the Freeborn.

I also see the Marches using more couplet and simple rhyme structure as the predominant style seen…but with a heavy slant towards coarser humour poetry (like limericks) or riddle songs.

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There once was a Bregasland punt,
Stacked high with eels from a hunt,
A heron grabbed one,
And was quickly gone,
I yelled “give that back, you … really nasty bird”


I think poetry in the League is like Shakespeare. There’s some very good sonnets and what look like highbrow verse, but half of it is just a veiled reference to genitals. References to Bloody Great Sausages :smirk: and businesses with names like The Cock Ring :wink: abound in normal play, so the poetry may reflect this.

Add to this the huge number of bars (at least historically :worried:) and mercenary companies, you will get a lot of mileage out of something with a simple rhythm which they can sing over a basic tune. To give you an example, take the start of my own offering…

You can tell a League soldier by the size of their shaft.
For a great length of wood is a mark of their craft.
With two hands full of hard wood, there’s no need for a shield.
And their great length of wood will impress the whole field!

Oh, a Leaguer’s wood has a mighty fine head.
And all the different shapes will still knock 'em all dead.
I’ve seen round ones and square ones and some pointy at the end,
But there’s no wood from League lands I’d turn away, my friend.