IC postal address

As the Nation brief says, the Navarri are the best choice for transporting messages across the Empire, this got me wondering how we’d get a message to a striding…
How would we lay out the address on a letter?

Would the Steadings be willing to hold on to a letter or parcel if the striding was known to them?

As an example, if someone wanted to send a letter to my character the address could be written as

Sullivan Nomad Son,
The Nomad Sons Striding,
Known to The Thorntarry & Pathfinders,

Would that work for everybody?

Your thoughts please!

There’s no “standard”, though that is exceptionally close to how we’ve sent messages on the field when it’s not just throwing some rings at a child to find X flag/tent at Y faction’s location and give this to Z person

There can’t really be a “standard” postal address for an individual who’s always walking the Trods / has no fixed abode, and few Navarri Stridings have banners in camp like the League do.

Having one Steading as a post office wouldn’t work either, as if there’s an event where they can’t make it the system would effectively crash.
Listing a good place to find someone IC and in camp is the first workaround I could come up with (and might not be the best solution).

Question is, is this being sent in uptime or downtime?

If it’s downtime, and the Striding is walking the trods; I would assume that people would know roughly where they are. They’d know that this Striding set out on this trod this long ago and so should be roughly here.

If it’s uptime, it’s easy for me. Find the treehouse.

This is an IC and in the field kinda thing, for a group with no IC tent (because they’re a steading and/or can’t afford a group tent)

Knowing roughly where a striding is on a certain trod is all well and good, but how do you get the message to them?
There are no horses, and I doubt we’d waste mana crystals on delivering a letter, which leaves drop boxes or the Navarr working together to get the letter where it needs to be.

Uptime, guess you’d just ask around

Downtime, drop boxes perhaps. But I can’t imagine a trod is full speed, so a runner could catch up.

I hear tell that Wayhouses make very good post offices :slight_smile: