IC tent for sale or rent

Hi, due to epic character death I don’t need my IC tent for a while so would be interested in offers to buy or rent it. All the info you could ever need about it is here: tutorials.abbott.me.uk/props/medieval-pavillion
It is a bit faded so would sell cheap. If renting then storage, transport, erecting etc is your responsibility.

How much are you looking for? Renting or selling.

Hmm, not sure. It cost just over £100 in materials to make (although you can’t get canvas that cheaply any more) and to replace with a similar sized but professional one would be £600-£800 so I guess I’d want at least £150 for it.

To rent, I suppose about £30 per event seems reasonable?

Drop me an email at drgates.medina@gmail.com and i will let you know about renting it after i speak to my group :slight_smile:

What colour? My group may be interested in purchasing it.

It has been bagsied already, sorry.