IC tent for sale


A Past Tents ridge tent (it’s technically called a 15thC Campaign Tent: pasttents.com/tents/). It sleeps two (which we have done) but I’d say it would work best as sleeping-only for two or as a good sized tent for one person.

It has all poles and bits. We also bought a new set of hand-made wooden pegs to replace the original wooden ones, both sets of which and a mallet are included.

It has some minor mud stains (we have washed off the mud but it’s no longer pristine). It has always been put away dry so is mould and rot free.

Price-wise we would like £250 collected (happy to bring to E4). We live in Shrewsbury, Shropshire if you can’t make the event.

Haya out of curiosity is this tent still for sale ?

Oh I’m sorry, no, this went on eBay in the end.

no worries, thanks any way