IC trading rules

Hi, im looking to make an artisan/trader type character but wondered if anyone share a link or post the guides for trading for IC currency.
Only guidelines i found were for real money.

My idea is to start with some nibbles, mostly dairy free and some vegan (flapjacks, cupcakes, sausage rolls, cheese pastry) and once sold i would sell bits and bobs that i either buy from other players or bring with me (costume jewellery, general rings, braclets, necklaces, pendants and such)
I wont be making these but looking for themed items and hoping they fit/people are interested in such as the picture of rings attached

Any help is greatly appreciated

Hi Radilo, and welcome to Empire!

So there are no guides for prices when it comes to IC trading, deliberately so, as there is a lot of game to be made from trading. Basically, it’s a case of trial and error, seeing what people are willing to pay, or what similar things are earning in the field.

I’m not sure when it comes to jewellery and such, but when it comes to cakes, etc., you can normally expect perhaps 5-10 rings, depending on size and where you’re selling (i.e. you can normally charge a bit more in the League!).


There aren’t all that many rules for trading for IC money.

Prices and so on you can charge whatever you like - just be prepared to bargain up or down as needed, some characters have more cash than others.

For food we tend to recommend you label all ingredients, there are many and varied allergies on the field, but almost anything edible will sell. Savoury is under represented and therefore more popular, but do be aware of storage for hot events.

Themeing your items with runes, constellations, virtue symbols or national colours (all on the wiki) will help you sell to various groups if making non edibles.