Idea for a IC Newspaper

I had an idea about this earlier, just thought I would see what you lot think of it (and at the same time check if anyone is already doing this or something similar, an annoyingly common occurrence… :stuck_out_tongue:). So, my idea is a seasonal newspaper, which will be sold at each event, telling of people downtime adventures, who’s died during downtime, etc… What do you guys think?

I think the two problems with that are that PCs cannot die in downtime (though they can retire) and no-one knows until uptime what happened during Downtime.

One of the biggest things to happen between events is the calculation of military results, which is announced in the General’s meeting. You’d have no way to know what those were and report on them before that. I suspect that other major DT occurrences (if there are any) are similar and announcing them is a big thing which happens at the following event.

Setting up and running a newspaper is a great idea but don’t expect hundreds of people will be running up to you and filling your pockets full of coin or that everyone will be happy IC about it. If you don’t enjoy the process OOC you will probably give up quite quickly. Tim’s advice above is spot on.

There are papers and pamphlets in the game at the moment ranging from the terrible to the truly awful. I am involved in one of them. If you want a OOC chat about stuff then you can message me on here.

Back to the drawing board with that one then :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d recommend chatting to Jason as from what I hear The Pledge are making plenty of game/getting themselves into plenty of trouble by running a newspaper in uptime :slight_smile:.

No event is complete without getting a copy of the Pledge to see if there is anything to be offended at in it… :wink:

Long may the Pledge continue to make trouble. :smiley: