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So feel free to shut this down but I was thinking this for the last couple of days essentially as far as I know magic can only be used by mages or by warriors using certain bonded weaponry such as shield breaker. This post is more or less a question or an idea on a new item; Scrolls, a single use spell similar to a potion where it’s ripped in half upon use. I think this could be an interesting way of using magic on the field and could even be the gateway to more power spells such “mass shatter” . I’m not saying this could work in the game but I simply want to present an idea I had an get an opinion of those who have played the game longer than me. Shut the idea down, support it , state how it could work, anything just want to get feedback on this idea

As far as I am aware PD have said that Empire is not meant to be a game of discovery and innovation, their example being gunpowder does not exist and won’t be created.

You already have the ability as stated to gain the knowledge of certain spells, or make additional calls from bonded artisan items if you haven’t spent the XP on them already and I suspect no other mechanism will be added to the game. The extra XP gained from coming to events can give you these skills as your character eventually too, if you didn’t pick them up at the start.

The idea is cool, but I think the organisers have specifically ruled it out for this system.

Of course if you’d like a confirmed answer as always please do email rules@ and someone official should get back to you.


I think it is a really cool idea, I can image taking one into a tavern while making a deal and then if the deal goes wrong, just popping it and entangling the person so I can run (not that I do that kind of thing, it is just something I can imagine doing), however I think there may be some balancing problems.

If suddenly you have armoured knights running around with scrolls that allows them to paralysis people and give them the venom effect then people will be less likely to become battle mages.

If they do spells that affect multiple people then that would make rituals redundant, especially if non magicians could use them.

You could of course look at making them cost more but rituals are already expensive and so are magic items. In the end they will either be more expensive so no one can afford them, less expensive so everyone is going use them instead or so close in price that there is no point.

It would be cool if they could some how work, maybe they could be gifted to people by eternals. That way you don’t have to worry about having too many or pricing them correctly.

I doubt that a new mechanic will be added to the system at this point.

I could be wrong, some things (Artisans Oil, naval raiding) have changed drastically since play began.

However, there is a way to do these sorts of things. There are magic items able to throw out a call, certainly Shatter, Strikedown, and so on. These tend to be once per day, or thrice per day, and quite pricey.

New magic item recipies CAN be created. It takes a Runeforge and a lot of time and resources.

You can get rituals that “charge up” one person with a big call for them to use. I recall one battle where a Varushkan ritual team took the field, unleashed three doses of “Mass Weakness” in a can, and then whipped up another 2 fresh and used them as well :slight_smile:

There are also potions that allow various strange and interesting abilities. Have a browse through some of them…

But scrolls as well…? Unlikely… IWillGetThingsWrong’s idea of them being a rare Eternal gift is about the only way they’d get into play, I suspect…

I think, as @IWillGetThingsRong points out, it would risk making rituals somewhat redundant (depending on what you could do with the scrolls), and also might make people less likely to become battle mages. With magical items already in play, I think there is a risk that this kind of mechanic would affect magicians ‘negatively’, and there are a lot of magicians on the field!

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The closest thing the empire has to something like this came up last season take a look

It’s not Scrolls but it’s on a similar vein :wink:


Single use spells (maybe even self only like heal or restore limb, noone else affected by its casting) with no mass calls could be useful in battle but it would have to cost alot more to make a single scroll maybe 4 or even 6 mana per scroll, making taking magician and item or spell choice significantly easier option.

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