Idea for the hub

Disclaimer: Late night, half asleep idea.

A new desk in the hub, for alchemists. Instead of having to go OOC to God to make potions, alchemists take their herbs to a civil servant who IC has the job of providing equipment, advising on side-effects etc. They can then swap the herbs for potion lammies as normal. For those who want to use them, the desk has a selection of bscales, bottles, pestle & mortars etc. to up the roleplay involved in brewing.

Illegal poisons would still need to go to God of course. But this helps maintain immersion and allows another member of crew to get some game themselves while doing the admin of the game.


It means having a huge number of potion lammies in play on the field, which is problematic as those potions are not supposed to exist until brewed. An enterprising thief could legitimately steal either lammies or the herbs “handed in”. While some sort of OOC fudging could take place, that would seem to contravene the ethos set up about the IC field being always IC. I suppose a ref could do the swap, but that means sitting a ref down in one place with a bag full of lammies and cards in front of an alchemy table physrep for hours at a time, with all the attendant problems (ref gets called away to do something else, or ends up sat about with nothing to do, etc.)

Also it would massively increase the odds of either GOD or this desk running out of potion lammies for some given potion, and generally add quite a bit of faff for not hugely much reward and the cost of a crew member for the entire event.

I can think of a lot of places we could usefully use an extra civil service or ref crew member, and something like this is a long way down any sort of list I’d make.

That being said… it’s a marvellous opportunity for a player to make an absolute killing.
If you’re an alchemist, pitch your stall near the hub, charge 1 ring per transfer and have a large stash of pre-prepared potions.

It turns many of the problems above which are OC problems into IC problems. Hell, given I’m contemplating a alchemist as my next char - I’d be tempted…