Ideas for a story

So, e4 was my first ever event, and it was amazing.

It’s gotten me inspired to try and write a story about a hero who has to go around all the different nations and perform a difficult “quest” in each one. The problem is that i don’t have enough ideas for “quests”.

So i’m asking all of you for ideas

Dawn has had a few of these, both issued and recieved…

There’s the martial ones (duels for various folk, different weapons won with), social ones (philosophy problems, people to find, tales to tell…), the functionally impossible ones (“go kill this immortal”) and so on…

Quest ideas…
Find a story or tell it to a specific person.
Collect a trophy of token from someone/where dangerous
Learn something.
Teach something.
Make something (maps, cakes, swords, friends…)
Discover a secret
Gain respect and a character reference from X
Socially assassinate (a bit trickier that one)
Get a thing built/demolished…

Quests (Tests of Mettle, Ardour, Resolve, and the like) that have been set in Dawnish history (or play!) have included…

Bind the Dusk to the Dawn
Beat, in single combat, 1 of each nation, and each lineage, and at least one egregore.
Heal two score different fallen knights of Dawn from the brink of death, on the field of battle.
Restore the Fortress of Dawnguard to glory
Bring me a stick from the Forest of Peytaht.
Publicly confess the failures and shortcomings of your House.
Bring me the head of a Dire Boar.
Go kill a basilisk.
Ask of all of Dawn who you can, “What is Love, and what is Glory?” And return to me with what you have learnt.

…and the last one set to a ruling King of Dawn…

“Bring Dawn into the Empire”…

Does that help? :smiley:

One I’ve been thinking about as a story idea for Urizen is your typical Syphesian style knowledge quest, where a solution creates a problem which needs a solution which creates a problem which…, etc

…or one open ended question style one which can be solved with a lateral approach, much like the Gordian Knot

…or a riddle quest, but that may be better suited to another Nation

If you want ideas, look at some of the various questing myths IRL. (Or any ‘labours of…’ style ones)

Both of those contain some great ideas, thanks

Navarr: Find out who took the Stone used in the Dance of Navarr and Thorn (casting the trods) and return it.

Find a Coven who could remove Wither the Seed from Broceliande, or better yet set up summer/autumn regios for people to grow food in.

Catch some of the treacherous vallorn-loving Yawnagrah-heretics.

Find out about things recovered from Terunael cities.

Send us a Military Unit.