Ideas for starting IC goals?

Please help me come up with some IC goals to guide me through my first-x number of events until I complete or evolve them.

I am joining Navarr, from Miaren with a Herb Garden. I am picking up Marksman, Chirugeuon and Physick as skills.

Happy to provide any other info, hopefully this thread will become useful for other new players in the future.

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  • Talk to at least one other group from Miaren
  • Know the name and face of your senator
  • Sing songs around a campfire not your own

Herb Garden:

  • Get your herb garden enchanted.


  • Attend the Anvil Hospital
  • Save someone from dying on the battlefield

-Talk to someone from each of two other nations
-Wander through the Hub
-Watch a ritual at the regio


These are great :smiley:

I now have 6 after taking some from your suggestions, do you reckon there’s a point where there’s too many to manage? :rofl::thinking:

Meet your egregore and let them drag you gleefully into plot

Talk to someone who practices physiking in a different way.
Talk to another marksman about battlefield archery
Visit the Anvil Library

Generally the Winds of Fortune are good for picking up new goals/ things to care about, the new ones aren’t out yet.

A natural diaster in Miaren (It was last season but still topical and there is still a large chasm)

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A lot of goals will be completed fast, so you can never have too many which have a set end point of “now I have done the thing”.

The more complex character goals, which have no obvious end point, or the end point is obscured (due to interaction with others or because you are hiding IC details from your IC persona), you might want to only have five to ten maximum, but even then, that is down to how much you enjoy following multiple threads.

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Hire a musician to come and play for your group
Go out on a skirmish
Find and know your generals,
Go watch the public auction on Friday in the throne (A good way to get an idea of prices for the weekend)
Find an In Character Meal, Tea, Bar in nations outside your own.
Become known to your senator/generals as someone who will get shit done.
Have a historical subject researched.
Learn the military concerns in Miaren (Not much TBH) and matters to your nation in wider terms (Ask about Lithhaven and Borclande)
Go join in the wassail on saturday afternoon
Go join in the festival of mirrors in the league on saturday evening
Try to talk to an eternal

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The Festival of Mirrors was last event. Don’t think we’re having another one at E4.

Next League festival is Winter, with the Masquerade of the Reaper.

E4 has the Broken Wheel in the Brass Coast, however.

Ah my mistake. I wasn’t at the last event.

Find out about your National Bourse position (spoiler: it is very relevant to herb garden owners!)

Attend a Standing (the national ‘chat’, normally happens 1/day including Friday)

Attend a Song & Story Time (a less official national institution, but a crucial one)

Learn the words to at least 1 popular song (some of them are very simple so start there)

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Make a deal with any brasscoaster during the broken wheel :stuck_out_tongue:

Found the comment on Miaren very funny :stuck_out_tongue: Admittedly not the most “in danger” region of Empire

My first event will be E1 next year

Please tell me more about this National Bourse

Well there is a symbolic yearly battle between Dawn and the Marchers over one of your Bridges. It’s more of a summer thing, but Brocks toll and the Sinecure Dawn made because Navarr were jealous might be something to look into.

But yes I might advise picking another area where there is actually war (or likely to be war.) to care about.
Liathaven is an obvious one because it presently conquered by the Jotun.
if you wanted what is probably more of a challenge within Navarr a stance of really caring about Broceliande could be interesting in which case it’s worth noting that Elvette exists as a settlement in Semmerholm (presently being invaded,) and that the region of Axmure that has been taken neighbours the region of Boar’s Dell.

Thanks I will have a think or random it between Brocliande, Liathaven and Therunin as they all Jotun and Vallorn problems right?

Is the Jotun or Vallorn more of an immediate concern?

Vallorn, without a doubt - pick Liavathen, all the cool kids hang there

Aren’t you just as new as I am? :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

I was hoping an experienced player might be able to give me an answer on these.

I am wee bit older event wise, but frim both experience and egrogorial conversations I’ve learnt quite a bit, or at least I like to think so

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