Idle musing

I know we’ve probably had a thread like this before during the Long Dark, but it never hurts to remind ourselves why we are still here. It’s been a long time…

What are you looking forward to most when we are able to get back to real life events?

For me, I want to have a theological discussion over a glass of port, sat beside a fire, while I can see and hear the hubbub of Anvil all around me.


Getting to announce the results of Judgements. The thrill of basically announcing “The thing you wanted to do? It’s happening” is something I’ve been sorely missing.


Actually going to Anvil

I’ve been lucky in getting to a player event (hopefully two) before time in, but have yet to actually hit one of the actual summits.

(COVID backlog player. Tiresias has been generated for two years at this point and I have plans for the first summit that I’m playing them at)


Sing songs of glory and horror, songs of comic heroes and tragic losses…
Tell stories of heroes past and present, of great deeds done and mishaps befallen.
I would stand with friends old and new beneath the banners of my House, and feed them lunch.
I would walk the streets of Anvil and sell cakes and savoury nibbles.
I would visit the camps of other nations and exchange stories and lore.
I would turn to my House in a lull in the battle and tell them to take their “combat drugs”…because the last thing the monster crew needs is Dawnish on a sugar rush :stuck_out_tongue:


I want to drive my car down the road to Dadford campsite and see hundreds of tents spread out across the fields…

…I’ll be in tears by the time I get to check-in…

On a lighter and sillier note, I have a piece of meta-setting fluff I wrote over a year ago for the next event announcement, that I’d like to release at an appropriate time :smiley:


I will sit in the hospital surrounded by friends awaiting the next return… because The Work never ends…


Spotting something, turning to a Marcher, and giving them that grin. The one that says “The game’s afoot. Also I’m dragging you in”.

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Much as I can’t quite believe I’m saying it…


Still the most enjoyable politics to spectate at Anvil for my money.

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Setting up my new mega stall and making lots of fictional money

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  • Seeing how I cope wearing my orc mask for three days o.O
  • Learning to be an orc.
  • Sitting or dancing around fires.
  • Weirdly, the drive to Anvil, and setting up my tents for the event.
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