ok ive read and read on this stuff and it still confuses me whats up with it… as i understand it is very rare and votes are cast to decide how its distributed for the war effort but how much is handed out? says on the wiki so and so has 7 and so and so has 8 etc whats the total amount handed out? and if im reading it right it is handed out once a year what are the chances and average jo will get his hands on some is it only big guilds that will get a chance to use it?

cheers mike

Ilium is available through the Bourse, where mines producing Ilium are auctioned off to players for IC cash, and through the Conclave, where Ilium is distributed to those archmages who make the best case that it should be given to them. You might be able to buy some from another character who has an Ilium bourse ‘seat’ and controls a mine, but its likely to be expensive and out of the price range of a solitary character (at least for the amounts needed to make an item permanent).

What were you hoping to use it for? Its not necessary for very much…

i was looking at artefacts would be usefull not to keep spending x materials each year to keep making the same item but its it cost 100 crowns buy x rings of illium and only cost 10 crowns to buy that magic item then there is no point spending all that money on ilium for the same benefit


There are two sets of Bourse positions that deal with Illium.

The Imperial Bourse ones - … urse#Ilium

And the National Bourse ones - … se#Ilium_2

The Imperial ones are auctioned in an open auction, while the national ones are voted on by the resource owners in the individual nations.

How the various amounts of Illium are distributed is entirely up to the holders of the various positions. But it is one of the rarest substances in the empire so be prepared to pay through the nose or have a very good idea for the nation who holds the seat. But it’s doable, just it will involve a lot of hard work on your part and a lot of deals being struck.

I think most of the maths indicates:

It requires the same amount of illium to make a magic item permanent as the total amount of different metals/materials it takes to make one (to a minimum of 10 rings of illium)

And illium is vastly more expensive than any other material.

You have to be certain you’ll survive for many years for it to be economically worth it.

However… a lot of stuff like Illium and True Liao was vastly less expensive that people first expected, so you could make alot of game tracking it down and trading for it. A potentially fun long term goal.

Also, illium is useful if you wish to make A LEGACY! (duh duh durrr!)

Each season you get the production, but there is a finite amount. Interestingly there are quite a few groups saying they have between 20-30 rings of Ilium.

ALL Ilium seats are up for election THIS event.

Anyone: Wisdom = 7, Nets = 5
Orcs: Fist = 8
Brass Coast: Bounty = 7
Wintermark: Caves = 5

32 rings of Ilium an event. 160 rings produced by the Empire that is distributed by the Bourse. Then there is any that has been produced from Plot (quests, trading with Eternals, etc). Less however much has made permanent spells, artefacts, or traded TO Eternals or Plot.

The issue found with Ilium is that it is super expensive, but the vast majority of people have no interest in it as they don’t believe they can make it worth its cost (few people care for making an artefact when they can just reforge their magic weapons or, well, die).

If it’s not too cheeky a question, you might consider asking one of the bosses if there HAS been any perma stuff made =)

There are two schools of thought when it comes to Illium for making an artefact weapon / item,

One is “I need soooo much and it’s as rare as rocking horse poop, I shan’t bother with it”
And the other is “If I make an artefact it’ll have some extra added cool roleplay effect with it, and it’ll last longer than my character!”

So yeah, depending on who you’re speaking to it’s either worth a million rings, or it’s completely pointless.

You can still do stuff with smaller amounts though, ‘Distil the Serpents Stone’ uses a single ring, some rituals only need a few to make buffs permanent, and there are some people who want one just because they’re trying to collect one of every phys rep!

Your price will vary depending on who you speak to, I myself have a small stash of it and I’m still pondering what to do with it,

There’s that wonderful thing where there’s Ilium that had been traded that neither person wanted, but both knew was worth a few resources =P

Rather amusingly, you get to define the roleplay effect. Artefact Bravo’s Blade of wanting to solve conflict with poetry and non-violence? Best expenditure of Ilium ever.

Yep, I’ve entirely forgot who actually made the artifact in question but Morien was briefly bonded to it in what the most traumatic experience of my game so far. (This was due to the roleplaying effect in question - and a dark wood full of mud.)

The Archmage of Autumn is buying Illium, all the Illium.

Although he might stop, depending on how hard PD whammy BBCC with the nerf bat :smiley: but right now he’s trying to perma-enchant an army, which is a biiiiig pile of Illium.

The conclave gets a fair whack a season (iirc another 12 rings), and made an Ambergelt Baton with it quite early in play, so at least one artefact item has been crafted.

It also comes in and goes out through plot a reasonable bit. But building an artefact is definitely a character goal, not a trivial task. Which is as it should be.

I have strong IC opinions on the best use for ilium, but I probably shouldn’t share them OC. But yes: ilium is the second rarest game substance, an order of magnitude rarer than the other bourse resources and an order of magnitude more common than true liao.

(Conclave income is 3+3+3+2+2+1 = 14 rings)

Also worth noting for completeness - you can make many enchantments and curses permanent with ilium. While this is fabulously expensive, it is also incredibly cool in my opinion.

  • I could imagine a carta of the league or Freeborn corsair guild scrimping the ilium together to get their businesses or fleets permanently enchanted then treating them as major assets and making sure they never leave play through the careful use of wills and the like.
  • A permanent “Strength of the Bull” is potentially equivalent to a fistful of experience points depending who you are given the way the cost of Endurance increases as you get more levels. Sure it takes up your “enchantment” slot but honestly, what else are you getting cast on you? Plus if you get bored you can sell the enchantment for a bucket of cash using another ritual
  • You also need ilium to undo a permanent curse or enchantment - and it’s only 45 ilium to place Naeve’s Twisting Blight on Mitwold forever …

You can also use ilium to make two reasonably nice potions - one that restores all personal mana and one that restores all hero points and compared to some of the other costs, this is quite cheap.

Oh and if you ask nicely I am confident we could probably give you a ribbon that says “this ring is one ring of ilium in ring form” but that might make blue hats cry.

I was disappointed to discover that this was not the default form of Illium.

I would actually love rings of ilium to replace my blocks =D

Enchanting is pretty much my focus for ilium, other than property development.

I also fully intend to perma enchant my fleet with the +6 to trading, so that I can go down to the docks after trading my fabulous wealth of resources and point out the fastest boat in all of Sarvos is rather petite for its haulage!

That said, perma enchanting yourself? Super scary prospect given Theif’s Arcane Gambit! Night Ritualists only need to spend half the magnitude, and dont need to worry about the ilium.

I would absolutely spend 90 rings on Like Water Through Your Fingers!

edit: oh, you linked TAG =X

With regard to the potions, I just can’t bring myself to ever brew them: That ilium makes the price a bit silly, and really if I were buying them, I’d then use that ritual to distil them into their component resources and take the ilium for myself =D

If you’re looking to make enchantments permanent with ilium - you’re looking at repaying your investment (buying ilium vs. buying mana at a fair price and casting the enchantment repeatedly) in [edit] a hell of a long time! [/edit]

Economically speaking, the most efficient economic ritual (barring spending 450 ilium enchanting the Empire with Bright Eyes Gleam In The Depths or similar, which excellent plan has no downsides) is Revelation of the Jewel’s Sparkling Heart, Day 8. This turns 8 magnitudes into 8 resource ingots, so it turns 24 ilium into 32 ingots a year (that’s 4/3 ingots per ilium per year). I leave the remainder of the cost/benefit analysis as an exercise for the reader.

In Maelstrom (shudder) an investment was thought to be worth one’s time if it paid off in a game year. Basically what I’m saying is, ilium is great at status symbols, and I’m really looking forward to seeing the awesome things that people might do on commission for the Empire’s super-rich using ilium, but I really can’t see an ilium-enhanced ritual being cast rather than making three mid-range artifacts for the same price in ilium, and if you had plans to use ilium to break the game’s economy then you should have got started at event 1 :slight_smile:

Wiki says:

So it only takes Ilium to get rid of an enchantment by replacing it? Or will the ritual to dispel need Ilium too? I recall a previous discussion of the effect of Pakaan’s Iron Shutters where the un-codified Ritual of Disenchantment seemed to be accepted to not require the Ilium… Graeme never got involved, so it’s by no means definitive…

A magically crafted item only has a one year life, so to keep up with a guild of twenty or more who each want their 3 item quota you are looking at 60 items per year.

That’s 15 items per season. And for most items a craft can only make three per season, so crafters are in short supply.

Using ilium you can forego the repeated consumption of resources and equip each member of the guild in turn and one by one. Using ilium however May take longer than a month to make an artefact.

Sular’s Promise; turning 12 Magnitude into roughly 12-15 resources. at the cost of 36 Ilium, FOREVER! An investment I’d expect to make back, roughly, NEVER.

But I’ll have the shiniest damn ship ever!

Yeah I think it’s great to have goals like to make a great weapon will look forward to searching for ilium would a rich person/guilds wealth be measured in ilium rather than coin?

Thanks all for your imput