I'm new and need some help

I’m very interested in empire larp and I’ve been invited by a wintermark group to join them this year.
I’ve got a lot of questions as I have no idea of what to expect or what will happen?:
1.what do I need to bring?
2.do I need to pay for food and drink or do I bring my own,or is it free??
3.I have know clue what time in means and what I have to do.I also don’t know how my character will work???
Thanks for your help

Welcome to the fun!

1: Minimum requirements: a tent, sleeping gear, a costume, some money*. Semi decent tent advised (not a festival cheapy one) as the English weather is not reliable and it can be miserable if you are cold and wet. Same instructions for your sleeping gear - make sure you’ve got something between you and the ground. Costume: there are details on the wiki, and also since you have a group already do ask your mates too. *Money quantity depends on your circumstances and plans.

2: Food and drink is not free unfortunately, but there is plenty for sale at reasonable prices (about £6-7 a meal). Alcohol is more varied in price, water taps are free! Caterers list on the website also if you want to see what there is available. You can also of course bring your own snacks, or even your own camp cooking gear and make it yourself, depending on equipment and skills!

3: Your character is you in costume. Think of it as a giant game of lets pretend, for which Profound Decisions (PD) have given us some rules (the wiki) so we can all pretend in the same world. Time in is when we start playing the game, 6pm Friday and 10am each morning, Time out is when we can stop playing the game and go back to being us or go to bed depending. After time in, if you are on the main filed you should behave and react to things as your character not yourself.

Best bet for that is to talk to your mates, as they should be able to help you decide what sort of character you might want to play - are you a warrior, a bard, a trader etc and what you might want to get involved with at events. The minimum you need is a character name and a resource that gives you stuff when you arrive. (Money, materials, spell cards). you may want to pick some skills but you don’t have to, and if it turns out you selected the wrong ones for the type of fun you want PD will be happy to let a newcomer make changes too.

Feel free to ask more questions, we were all new once, and the only silly question is one you didn’t ask!


You will need:

Somewhere to sleep
Bedding suitable for cold weather
Warm clothing for wearing out of character
Warn clothing for wearing in character (costume)
Study, waterproof footwear (walking boots or riding boots are good choices)
A water container that you can use in character (such as a tankard or a ceramic mug)

Food is not provided. There are plenty of caterers on site, but I would budget around £20 per day if you wanted to buy all of your food. Some people cook their own meals (mostly in the out of character area). Many people do a combination of the two; buy one hot meal and bring the rest themselves.

Time in is when the game starts and you start roleplaying as your character. This will mean acting as they would, which will be easier if your group that invited you can help your write your character and tell you about their background.


I like the way CharlieP and I have managed to say almost exactly the same thing! laugh


It’s worth adding that a few meals can be free, if you spend some of the in-character money provided with your registration on them. A packed lunch is usually sold for 5 rings, about 1/36th of your starting resource unless you took congregation/military unit/got unlucky on the market.

Cake or apples are about 3-8 rings, but as a new player, you might get cake/fruit for errands or just because people are feeling generous.

However, the hot meals and the drinks deals are usually delicious and well worth the money. If you need a cheap warm filling thing, porridge is £2 in the morning. We take our own cinnamon, cocoa & ginger to spike it with. Although egg & bacon breakfast rolls at £4 are also tasty…

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I also advise bringing spare gear to trade if you have it. One of the shops that takes trades gave me a really nice warm woolen blanket for a child’s outgrown fake fur top. That blanket goes camping every time!

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Mhorish, the big caterers, do a godly fruit porridge for £2-3. It’s become one of my guilty pleasures to join the morning porridge queue, which is miniscule compared to the cooked breakfast queue, sit down with a steaming bowl of sultana and spice goodness, and just listen to the early morning RP / IC hungover moaning going on around me. After that, it’s off back to Varushka or Lumi’s tea house for proper IC tea (5-10 rings), and then off to the Gate to see everyone off for the fight.

Or you could splash out on a breakfast trencher, but that’s more like two meals in one.


Essential watching if you’re new to Empire! Hopefully it should answer some questions!


Some great replies here already!

I typed up some advice on food, thread below.

If you’d like some further details on what you can do in “time-in”, and how your character will work, give us a few details about them and I suspect you’ll get many suggestions!

Of course, the simplest is “go poke things!”. Wander 'round, sightsee, ask people about things…


This is my list of stuff I tend to bring to self-cater. I usually bring a mug, 2 mess tins, a penknife and a spoon, and borrow a fire, I might also have a camping stove or Trangia (simple portable meths burner stove) with me.