Immune to impale in light armour?

Is it possible to be immune to impale in light / mage armour?

I’m aware of a number of items that allow a character to heal the damage after the fact (e.g. … k_of_Irons), but not to my knowledge anything that can “bounce” an impale.

If the answer is FOIP then fair enough - I’m asking as, at the last event as one of the annoying bandit archers, I hit a player in obvious mage armour square in the chest with an arrow, waited but for no reaction, called impale and then got a cheeky thumbs up and a grin for my trouble.

Checked the wiki and couldn’t find anything obvious…

It is categorically impossible to become immune to any calls in Empire, and there are no FOIP rules.

The easiest way to legitimately achieve what you saw is to wear obvious mage armour, and a hidden mail shirt underneath. At the time, your best bet is to find a ref and ask them to check it up for you if you have concerns.

I am always “wearing” Mage Armour, even when I’m wearing chain under my doublet =D

Limb fixing, (Vambraces of Regen or several potions,) and unstoppable do a good job in making you capable of being arrow/impale resiliant

I’m not sure what you mean by no FOIP. … dvancement this page says the game does have skills which aren’t general knowledge, maybe they had one of these? They could have been under an Enchantment from a secret ritual only known to a few, maybe one that has just been created.

As much as you can’t be “immune”, wearing heavy armour would reduce the Impale to a single hit - is it impossible that an enchantment could grant the same protection to one wearing Mage Armour?

There is categorically no way to “RESIST” IMPALE or CLEAVE except with heavy or medium armour that blocks the blow, being larger than man sized, a shield or some parrying.

It came up all the time in design, and it comes up occasionally when people want to make new items or rituals and we say "no"every time. There may be unknown skills but they will not break the basic rules premises(es) of the game - that you can’t resist stuff, that you can’t come back from being TERMINAL and so on.

If you see someone in mage armour or light armour or no armour get hit by an Impale or Cleave and ignore it, and you are reasonably confident they are not wearing a metal shirt under their clothes (for example, if you see them cast a spell which is impossible in armour) then follow your conscience re:speaking to a referee.

And the stealth Chainclad warrior with Arcane Weapons of heroic repel will just annoy you :slight_smile:

If it was a use of unstoppable it was a pretty rubbish use - it wasn’t clear at all that HPs were being spent…

I’m pretty damn confident that there was no chain / plate underneath, but could be wrong. Let’s go with that rather than the alternative…

For clarity: to use unstoppable, you need to first be dropped - you can’t just stay standing. Down and then up again, please.

But yes, at this remove the assumption is a hidden mail shirt or equivalent, I think. In future, Andy’s advice is good, but there’s nothing that can really be done to investigate two weeks post event.

I say next time - shoot him again! :slight_smile:

Lots of people at Empire ignore the combat rules because they don’t want their character to die.

End of.

That’s not my experience of the game so far, I’ve only ran into one person in 6 events who I needed to point a ref at. I’d follow PD’s advice on this and report stuff to a ref and leave them to worry about it, assuming that lots of people cheat doesn’t help my keen for the game so I don’t.

I have at least once been called out for cheating for not taking an arrow by an NPC orc. I had to stop, roll up my muddy trousers, point at the metal greaves underneath, and point out that no, really, I *am *wearing Heavy so please stop accusing me? I’d much rather have just been getting on with the fight really - assuming everyone else is a cheat will only interfere with the flow of battles for both parties.

But surely deliberately hiding armour is going to leave you open to this sort of accusation?
I know there’s reasons to do it, and nothing in the rules to stop you, but I wouldn’t be surprised if somebody asked for clarification in that situation.

[quote=“Dory”]But surely deliberately hiding armour is going to leave you open to this sort of accusation?
I know there’s reasons to do it, and nothing in the rules to stop you, but I wouldn’t be surprised if somebody asked for clarification in that situation.[/quote]

Better for people to trust each other (the vast majority don’t take the piss) and leave it to refs to watch out for naughty people IMO - whilst it isn’t the top priority when reffing fights it is something we do :sunglasses:

Also if you have an issue, mention it to a ref - it may not be practical to sort it there and then in a fight, but it keeps the team aware of what is happening so they can look out.

Equally deliberately hiding your armour means your enemies, (both npc and pc,) might underestimate you and this is very useful.

Some armour is deceptive. I have regularly been shot in the chest while wearing my brigandine- some people can tell it is heavy, some have been surprised. If I think someone is unsure, I try make a point of catching the archer’s eye and acknowledging the hit.

Plus I dismantled a pair of plate arms for Empire, because I wanted to to be able to wear them with my slashed doublets. The vambraces now go under the doublet, while the spaulders go on top, so as not to ruin the line of the clothing. #LeagueWorldProblems

Indeed brigs can sometimes look like medium at best to the untrained eye! Certainly there seems to be an informal practice of thumping ones chest to acknowledge the hit or some such - more than happy with that, and as an archer I appreciate it! The person in question, however, was very clearly wearing mage armour and equally clearly didn’t have heavy on, so once we acknowledged the hit and didn’t fall over I assumed he was immune some other way - which it transpires he wasn’t and by game design can’t be.

Query answered neatly.

Stealth heavy armour is another issue - but like I say most people seem to be aware than an archer is expecting them to drop and make an effort to show that they have heavy if it’s not obvious, so for me at least it’s a non-issue.

It’s only happened once in all the Empire events I’ve played - and I’ve shot a lot of folks who have mostly been very good about it - it’s just one isolated incident.