Imperial Offices Recruitment

Imperial Offices Recruitment
Spring 382YE

The Imperial Offices are looking for Advisors and Aides to assist Empress Lisabetta in the coming seasons. Advisors are politically experienced individuals who can provide contemporary information and counsel to the Imperatrix. Aides roles require only time and a willingness to help out.

Volunteering with the offices is a great way to gain a fast understanding of the sweep of Imperial politics and how to ‘get things done’.

Who are we?

The Imperial Offices is an Imperial sodality dedicated to supporting the Throne in the performance of their duties and the furtherance of the Imperial agenda. It also seeks to encourage politically minded citizens and to provide them with experience of the Empire’s system of government.

How to join

Come to the Offices (located near the Hub in Anvil) and ask for Advisors Severin Teyhard von Holberg and Kellua Itsepainen, or Master of the Mint Lieselotte van Holberg. If we are busy, you may be asked to come back at a later time.

OC: Old and new players alike are encouraged to come join the Imperial Offices. It is presumed that players who do join will also assist with setup on Friday and takedown on Sunday wherever possible.


I read about this. I don’t think I have the experience to join or anything like that, but isn’t this an executive offices style form of organisation, like EXOP in America? Good on the Empress for making that, they’re really useful for the executive. Stops the leader making decisions without good advisorship.

I recommend you still turn up and look into imperial offices. You might be able to pick up a job and make some money. You also pick up a bit of stuff that is going on, a bit of larger scale plot.

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We have jobs for every level of experience - just come talk to us!

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Mind if i ask what kind of jobs there are?

Also, and feel free not to answer this one as i may be asking a little too much, whats the pay like?

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Jobs break down into roughly 4 types

  1. Paperwork e.g. keeping the list of Senate motions up to date
  2. Meeting minutes e.g. attending military council and making notes on significant aspects
  3. Problem solving = finding a couple of specific people and co-ordinating with them and the office to ensure everyone has complete picture. E.g. Making sure Senate, Synod and Ambassadors consistent in approach to Asaevean architect.
  4. information gathering = talking to a large selection of people and getting their opinions e.g. go talk to Marches, Varushka and Navarr on whether they want Ossium.

All jobs come with the assumption that the aide’s advice on the task they are doing will requested and discussed with them.

Pay is negotiable and proportional to amount of work done. This weekend payouts varied between 5 rings and a throne depending on length and quality of work. Pay also comes in the form of having a piece of paper to say “hi, I’m here at the request of the Empress, let me listen to your meeting/talk to you about interesting thing/lick your plot”


(very few jobs require running, none require fighting. Ability to either write down information or remember large amounts accurately is essential)

I want to be a freelance journalist type so I’d be interested in the fourth option if you have any work for a character like mine? I probably won’t get there until late Saturday though

The Ambassador to Jarm is also looking for an assistant. It’s an interesting time to be involved in international affairs.


Ooh, that sounds fun. Maybe I’ll try and sign up to that if the position remains open come the Autumn

What does an ambassador’s assistant do?

Much of the above but specific to assisting the Ambassador in their duties to the Empire

Oh ok, thanks. What do ambassadors do on the field? I can make notes on things and then write them up afterwards, my handwriting is ordinarily not great but I can type and if I really try I can make the handwriting legible enough.

Swing by, I can never predict what jobs may still be left by late Saturday.
Conveniently the Ambassadors are also based in the Offices, so it is a handy place to check for jobs!

Ok, I’ll ask around for the Imperial Offices come late Friday and hope for the best. Maybe the Oathwright and others will accept a new journalist if not.

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Bumping this thread for attention: we still have lots of room for more aides!


Just checking, is this still the case?