Imperial roll of honour

The Imperial Roll of honour has been published. I do not know about the maths behind this, however it feels my larper heart with proudness to see that more than 50 commanders offered their fleets to help with the evacuation of the Zemress Island.

Long live the Empire!


I note that either no-one volunteered to guard the fishing fleet, or it’s not on there. I think the people who play ship captains were more enthused by reanacting Dunkirk than the North Atlantic Convoys. :slight_smile:

Re Zemress, 50 fleets puts the result 2 grades above complete success, given the numbers posited at the in the original WoF.

I’m hoping that very few of those Grendel independant captains are coming back…

…and of course, for an awesome WoF telling the story about it!

I believe the fishing fleet was considered privateering rather than military, hence not appearing on the Roll. :slight_smile:

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LauraH, and thus the results from that popped up in the recent Wind of Fortune. Someone in the Brass Coat deserves congratulations for organising this juggling match last season :slight_smile:

One more thing to do in the field!

Re: the Roll of Honour. How IC known is it? Can it be consulted as an IC document? Is it posted somewhere IC?

Because while I’m able to say “I saw your banners from a distance and came to say hi”, I’m wondering if you can state “I saw your name on the Roll of Honour, thank you your help…”

I… don’t know. Certainly it’s knowledge that could be gained by any player because it’s on the wiki, but as to how IC is it I don’t know.

I was looking into this for Reasons and all it says is that it’s compiled by the Civil Service. Would it be reasonable to assume it’s available in Anvil?

Wait - I thought we were trying to avoid hitting the top tier of protecting the fishing fleet because of the line in the original WoF about that meaning the Grendel will start harassing our shipping more elsewhere

What we want on the field doesn’t always play out in people’s downtimes… I’d say let’s save this one for the field and see if anyone broke any contracts. :slight_smile:

The Imperial Roll of Honour is a real thing, I suppose organised by the Military Council Civil Servants. I’m pretty sure the roll of honour came about as the result of a senate motion a few years ago.

As a prominent and powerful member of Imperial society (that is what you are, regardless of how you see character in the hierarchy of characters at events) you would have some kind of access to the information in (on?) the roll of honour. How you gain that info is all part of your role play - the court gossip of a league merchant prince, the commander of a military unit reading the latest dispatches, you get the idea.

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It is an IC Document and bringing a copy to use in the field is OK. Its useful for the MC as it gives us ideas on who and where people reinforce.