Important Fire Safety Update

This is an impotant announcement - please make sure you read it carefully. Due to the exceptionally hot dry summer that we have had, the grass in the main camping fields has become very dry. That means there is an increased fire risk at the event, so we are putting in place additional fire controls to manage this risk.

  • Your fire must be at least 18" off the ground
  • Keep at least one bucket of water next to the fire
  • Do not leave the fire unattended at any time
  • No fire poi/fire demonstrations at this event
  • No fires in the OOC camping areas

No ground fires are permitted at Empire events, but we do allow players to use fire bowls, portable BBQs and similar. However at this event you must make sure that the bottom of your fire pit or similar is at least 18" off the ground. If you are building a fire in a fire bowl then make sure that you do not overfill the bowl, use less wood than usual to ensure that embers do not fall over the sides of the bowl. Be aware that the fire bowls that Profound Decisions have provided at previous events will not be available at this event - they will all be in use to allow players to dispose of waste ashes.

You must keep at least one bucket of water next to the fire at all times. If you are intending to have a fire at the event at any point, please make sure that you bring a bucket with you - they can be purchased cheaply from Amazon or other online retailers or picked up from a hardware store for a few pounds. Any bucket is acceptable, it is fine to use plastic buckets anywhere on site for the purpose of these rules. We are going to station large cubes of water around the site - please use these to fill your buckets rather than the standpipes if possible.

The bucket is for pouring water on any spark that flies out of the fire and lands on the ground. It is to enable you to dampen any sparks before it catches light. If a fire does get established, do not attempt to fight the fire under any circumstances. Evacuate everyone from the area, contract Profound Decisions and allow us to take appropriate steps to deal with the matter.

Do not leave a fire unattended at any time; ensure that there is at least one sober adult next to any fire at all times. We will have additional crew acting as marshals during the event who will be patrolling the field. If they find any unattended fires, they will extinguish the fire, and you will not be permitted to relight the fire for the duration of the event.

When a fire is extinguished, do not dump the ashes on the ground, no matter how cold they seem. The metal fire bowls that are normally available for players to use for fires will be distributed around the edge of the camping area. Dispose of your ashes in this fire bowl - and we will empty them from there when it becomes full.

All cigarette butts must be placed into fire proof containers. These can then be emptied into the ash disposal points.

No fire poi or fire demonstrations of any kind will be allowed at the event. We apologise to anyone who had made arrangements, but the ground conditions simply do not allow for it to be carried out safely. Likewise no open fires or will be allowed in the OOC camping areas. Participants may use camping gas cooking equipment, provided that they are careful, and keep a bucket of water on hand ready to douse any sparks before they can catch fire.

We appreciate that these rules are draconian and intrusive - but they have to be to ensure that we control the risks of a fire on site. The grass is incredibly dry, it may rain a little at the event, but the grass will become flammable again as soon as it dries. We trust that all our players will be responsible - and will engage with these rule so that we can all enjoy the event safely - as the only other alternative would be to ban all fires on site. If you do see an unattended fire at the event or anyone not following the rules, please let us know immediately, so that we can deal with it.


It’s estimate to be at least 15 degrees at night next weekend; consider if you need a firepit at all.

A lot of people use them for cooking, but yeah a social one is probably unnecessary.

As a follow-up to last weeks post - we’ve updated the wiki now with it’s own page for the fire regulations which are in place for this event and until further notice.

The rules are basically as outlined - you must make sure you have a bucket of water next to any fire, no unattended fires, all fires at least 18" of the ground. All as per previously.

In addition we’ve added a brief update on what to do if there is a fire (tl:dr; - shout fire!) - basically shout and get attention and a member of crew with a radio will deal with the situation.

Finally there is an evacuation plan for the site. We’ve deliberately kept this simple - we don’t anticipate any need to use it - because we know everyone is going to be super-sensible and follow all the rules and there won’t be any problems.

But we’d rather be safe than sensible. Basically get off the site - via the nearest OOC camping field - to the road and then to the evacuation point (unless directed otherwise by the fire control team who will be wearing red hi-vis).

We’ll be handing out a sheet to everyone on the gate - with the risks are so much higher than normal we want to take every precaution.

Finally a few people have volunteered to help - (special thanks to Roberto Bean for his input) mainly people with fire handling training. That’s hugely appreciated, but we have enough trained individuals in our fire control team to respond to any situation on the field, so we don’t need additional specialized experience at this time.