Important OOC Accessibility Update

We’ve had a look at our admin systems to see what we can do about improving game accessibility for players in terms of accessing GOD. What we’ve agreed is to implement a system where anybody who has mobility challenges that make accessing GOD difficult for any reason can nominate another player to sort their stuff in GOD for them. Just email - and let us know who your nominated contact is. We’ll make a record of that on the system so that we can check it if we ever need to.

We’ll print the number on your pack - so that your friend can collect your pack for you quickly and easily. But they can also access GOD for any reason on your behalf. So they can mix and collect potions, sort ribbons, whatever. If you need anything from GOD - we’ll just treat them as if they were asking on your behalf.

This service is intended for people with mobility needs that make accessing GOD. It is not intended for players who are “too busy IC”. We trust that all our players who understand who the service is intended to benefit will use it appropriately.

Our intention is to operate the new system for a couple of events and see how it works. Once we’ve got any problems sorted, we’ll look at what we can do to make further improvements.