Improving the Camp

I was just wondering if there was anything people could think of to make our camp better for the future.

Having seen the changes between E2 and E4, I must say that the social life of the camp seems to have greatly improved with the inclusion of Sunrise and the centeral social areas. But there again, this is only what I’ve been able to see from the sidelines.

Trying to line a central bit with the group tents seems like an awesome idea for the future.

Still down for trying to do something approaching a camp plan in future, btw!

The biggest thing we can do is convince PD that we need space. As the smallest of the human nations then pro rata we get given the smallest space and there has yet to be an event where we have enough space to be set out how we want.

THen you wanter into places like varuska and league adn they have loads of open room that we just dont seem to get.

As Woody says we plan for what is in the map and then get a reduced percentage of that every single time. Apart from that I think we need a big awning to act as a central area and more lighting around at night.

Does anywhere rent giant awnings? Wondering how much one would cost if we could get people to throw in the way we do for the group tent hire now…

Related: anyone know ow the awesome marketplace lights were done? I sorta want to do Dawnish ones with heraldic symbols on.

I think that the lights were made by Skian Mhor, but I’m not sure.

I could make some plans to make some solar powered LED lights to have around the camp…

If you could convince PD to mark out nation boundries the same way roads are marked out then you could:

(A) Convince PD you need a bigger area if you cant fit into the allocated space leaving no room for "well you would have fitted if nation X hadn’t taken some of your space.

(B) Stick to the camp plan.

I think the efforts of designing the camps have been wasted through no fault of anybody in your nation more to the nature of the space not conforming to expectations.

The people who organise tewkesbury mark out individual pitches for the market perhaps a similar option might work for empire