In-character Camping Question. :)

Hello, feel like I’m spamming this forum recently.

Thinking about purchasing a tent after E1 as I’m having to stay in an AirBnB for E1. But after this I’m thinking of purchasing a tent. Only really want to camp in character. I’m Navarr, just in case that has influence.
Basically was just wandering if this tent would be ok in the in character area. It’s not canvas. Just thinking if I can avoid the upkeep and weight of a canvas tent would make life a lot easier. So would this tent be ok for the in character camping???


Think emailing PD would be best to be sure, but I don’t think so.
A friend had poly canvas and that had to go.


Ok thank you man.

The Wiki states:

  • Tents made from nylon, polyester or similarly reflective materials may not be pitched in the in-character area
  • Tents made from hybid materials like oxford canvas are fine provided they look like canvas

From a close-up of the photos on the listing, I’m just not sure it looks enough like canvas, and it is listed as polyester. But like @Bozemoto says, you can email PD for a definitive answer.


Aw shucks ok. Thank you very much for the help. May have to just bite the bullet with a canvas tent and deal with maintence. :confused: Still very excited for E1!!


Thanks for asking the question, I’m wrestling with this myself atm

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I spoke to PD, you must have canvas looking one. It can’t look nylon

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