In Praise of the LARP NooBS

In 2018 a couple of young gentlemen who played tabletop and computer based roleplaying games discovered the concept of Live Roleplay and Empire specifically.

For some reason they decided to document their journey of discovery from knowing nothing about LARP to becoming first time players and growing to be a valuable contributor to the Empire community.

I can’t recommend their podcast enough. It is the most professional and enthralling amateur podcast I have ever encountered. It is great for people who have never played Empire or LARPed before. It is mostly family friendly with (no iTunes explicit tag) and very high quality both technically and narratively.

The majority of episodes are under an hour and always on topic. There are no rambling tangents and they don’t pretend their knowledge is greater than it is or use this as a vehicles for their egos. Something many content creators find really hard to do.

It is always a focussed conversation rather than scripted information. It isn’t “how to” or “advice” style but a chronicle of what these people did and what they thought. If you are fine with the practicalities of camping, transport, Empire’s setting and rules but perhaps are a little hesitant, shy, anxious or have some other barrier, this is perfect encouragement and support.

If for some reason you can’t LARP or attend Empire then this is a perfect vicarious experience. If you haven’t LARPed in a while (maybe decades) this brings back all those incredible feelings that LARP gives you and you experienced on your beginner’s journey. It takes you back to your first ever event and the rekindles magic you felt. It’s like having your friends attend a new LARP and froth about it so hard you instantly want to go. It is just like having real friends! :wink:

The best thing is that they didn’t give up. Neither LARPing nor podcasting. Podfade (the phenomena of losing enthusiasm for making new content and stopping an ongoing series) is a real thing but they are going strong.

Most impressively they have grown and attend a few other events plus regularly have guests from their friend group and from game organisers Profound Decisions. It’s always a joy and a privilege to hear Matt Pennington share his design wisdom.

I can’t recommend this podcast enough to the new player and the retired LARPer. It’s one of the main things that convinced me to want to return.

Here is a link or use your search engine.

Oh! And every episode has a mini fiction story at the start and end. With voice acting and sound effects. If you put them all together they make whole epic tale which is amazing!


Ah yes, this 'un.

It’s a good one. I get a mention or two, so I’m biased, but I like it.

They’re award nominated, you know…

(came second in the last LARP awards, Larp Media category)


:+1: hours of fun. Good guys.


Hiya all,

Ian/Talis here from the podcast. Wow its hard to know what to write in response to such a lovely message. I choked up a bit reading it to be honest. Myself and David have always been blown away by the responses we have gotten and feel so incredibly lucky to be part of such an awesome hobby filled to the brim with the most amazing people I could ever hope to meet IC. OC or virtually.

We have spoken about it before on the podcast a few times, but I think we both feel that Larp and the act of doing the podcast came along at a really valuable point in our lives. Being able to put the episodes together and share our experiences of such an incredible hobby continues to be be a source of so much happiness for us. We get so excited every time we sit down and record and are bowled over that people actually want to listen to what we have to say (it really is bonkers!)

We love you all and can’t thank each of you enough for all your kind words and support. It truly means the world. :slight_smile:


Thank you very much. Very touching review. I’m kinda lost for words to be honest. We both really appreciate your very generous and kind words.


Agree with all of this, we made the mistake of signing up for our first event way back in novemeber - LarpNoobs were/are great for keeping the hype train rolling. Got us through the long dark we didn’t know we’d signed up for & anyone struggling to get through till the next event give these guys a listen.