In search of a priest


Hi all. Looking for a scholarly-type priest character to talk to about the workings of the synod and in particular Imperial Theology. Also interested in an IC mentor in this area. Feel free to drop me a message or reply to this post. Thanks!


Which nation are you part of and what kind of priest are you after? This will probably determine who would be best for you to speak to. I’m not a priest but I have an understanding of the basics so I can help you for now until someone better comes along.

At my first event I was able to get in contact with a few priests by asking around at my nation, finding one of our priests who then directed me to another one, who directed me to another one so I could finally get dedicated. It should be that simple. I’m not too sure about whether or not you can just turn up to the synod but if you can, that would be a good place to start as well.


Not to fussed with sharing a nation or a virtue with the priest. Just looking for someone with experience in the nitty-gritty of imperial philosophy.


If you can’t find anyone on here… seriously, the way to find theologians in play is to hang around the Synod board at the hub and ask questions of anyone who seems to be hanging around there looking at the judgements and notices. Especially use the magic words ‘I’m new to Anvil and want to talk philosophy’. The Hub has many roles, but one of them is as meeting place for priests.


Okay, I think when it comes to imperial philosophy, you need to talk to a wide range of people, not just priests. A mage would have a completely different view to a priest and will understand things about the world that the priest would not.

There are some people who will have a great deal of knowledge about the history, culture and tradition of their nation. These people would also help you with imperial philosophy. I’ll be looking for such people during the next event.

The virtues are a big part of it but they aren’t the only part. I think it would be a good idea to start with one person, but the more established they are, the busier they will be. This means it may be easier to jump between people but the person you speak to may have a good idea about who.


Hi there - I play Father Drakov and have been a Priest since the first Empire. I was Vigilance and am now Wisdom. I play in Varushkan and am happy to serve as an IC mentor, additionally, at 3pm on Fridays of the event I run introduction to the Synod for any characters on behalf of player support at the Hall of Worlds tent.


Hey there :slight_smile:,
I play Cesare Enzo Di trivento, cardinal of prosperity. As far as the synod goes, am/have been involved in quite a few areas of the synod, from, diplomacy, philosphy, secrets, theology, clemency. If you ever need any help or advice In these areas my tent is always open.


Also come and see the Highborn.

Although please note wherever you get 2 priests together you will have 3 opinions, and will probably gain a third person with several more opinions from overhearing.


I was about to page you! :joy:


I fully endorse Father Dravok!


Id suggest having a quick chat with some of the cardinals, and scouring the wiki on the judgements that have examined issues of theological issues. You can then zero in on your exact area of interest i.e. Orcs and the way, Paragons of courage etc.