++Information about the Academy++

Hello Parents and Young Players of The Empire!

We are looking forward to opening the doors of the Academy again in a few weeks and wanted to highlight a few key points before we see you all. If you have any questions or concerns then please do send them in to the academy@profounddecisions.co.uk and we will look to answer them. With so many new and returning players we wish everyone to be fully aware of what we offer and ask for.

‘’‘Wikipedia Pages’’’

As a starting point please have a read of the following wikipedia pages to understand what the Academy offers. The Tests of Arms and Citizenship pages have been updated to try and better explain what they involve.


We’d like to stress a few rules that it is important everyone follows with particular reference to the Academy.

  • Masks: The Academy is a PD run space and so will conform to the mask rules published recently on the wiki.
    COVID face mask - Empire

  • Guardian Attendance: Any young role player at the Academy must be overseen by a nominated guardian or parent at all times and at no point can the crew of the Academy be considered to be in loco parentis of a child. The specifics of what level of supervision is required for your young player can be found here. All guardians must be aware of this page and the links at the bottom of it. Children - Empire. The bottom line is that under 7s are accompanied 24/7, 7-10s must always have a parent responsible for them and 11-15s need regular parental check ins.

‘’‘Friday Evening’’’

To help welcome players and characters to the Academy we will host at 1700 an OOC session for any questions players may have. At time in we will have our usual parents evening 1800-1900 which will have a specific opening brief at 1830 where we will introduce the staff and the key activities planned over the weekend. We would ask all parents and young players to try and attend that 1830 opening brief to ensure that you are aware and can sign up for whatever activity interests you. Parents and young players are encouraged to bring any baked goods, crafts or other wares that they would like to sell.

‘’‘Student Council’’’

We have amended the times that the Student Council takes place to be twice over the course of the event. This is to give the young players more time to enact their goals and motions during the event.


Please take a look at The Academy - Empire (the main Academy page) for the draft schedule for our main activities next event. This is to help you plan your own activities but please understand this may change depending on what happens on the weekend itself and we’d ask all guardians to check the Academy chalkboards throughout the event for the most up to date timetable. Where possible we have tried to highlight the rough age range we think an activity is suited for. There are a few specific activities I would draw your attention to:

  • OOC Welcome/Q&A [1700 Fri]. We understand not all families will be able to attend this due to school hours however if you are on the field at this time then please do come visit us before time-in. This will allow us all to meet you and your young role player OOC as well as clarify any questions you have.

  • Parents Evening & Bake Sale [1800 Fri]. Our regular parents evening is being opened up to any would be merchants, bakers or crafters! We often have a captive audience of people with recently collected IC coin and welcome any parents who also wish to do some trading.

  • Tests of Citizenship & Arms [Citizenship: 1900 Fri and 1400 Sat. Arms: 1900 Fri and 1300 Sat]. Please speak to us early in the event if you have a young role player wishing to take these. This is not only for us to help prepare them for success but to also gauge whether they are ready to take them immediately or need a little more time. We intend to hold sessions of both tests Friday evening to maximise the ability of young role players to engage fully with Empire from the very start of the weekend and work through new attendees. However please understand that depending on attendee numbers we may need to hold some tests in an adhoc fashion over the weekend.

  • Student Council [1100 Sat and Sun at the Senate]. For those young players with political interests! Elections this event. All candidates should register their interest Friday evening and if required elections will take place on the Sat session.

  • Dramaturgy [1130 in League Sat/Sun and 1530 in Academy Sat]. A League guild will be providing drama sessions specifically aimed at younger players (<7s) throughout the weekend and will be visiting the Academy both mornings to walk over any interested thespians!

  • Drawing [Sun 1000]. Our newest faculty member will be running a live drawing class for young players where they will be able to paint other characters of the Empire.

Finally all I would like to say is that we are hugely excited to welcome all of you at the end of the month including students both old and new! See you soon.


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