Information and advise about crewing

Hi there. I was wondering how I could find out more about crewing Empire - while i’ve LARPed before I’ve never done hi-physrep or fest LARP’s before. How would I find out more about getting involved with crewing? Also, what sort of roles are most needed?

Any advise about what to expect and what to prepare\ what to bring would be very much appreciated!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Email PD! They’d be delighted, I’m sure. :slight_smile:

At a guess crew will need a basic understanding of the system to enable them to talk freely with players about the world and to fight according to the rules. If you would like to do combat crewing, good shoes and warm underclothes (I go for waterproof underlayers too) are a good call.

There’s also lots of other jobs that need volunteers, like site setup and takedown, admin, toilet-cleaning and First Aid. All the different volunteer jobs have teams that work together to get the job done.

I have no idea what is most needed at the moment as I am no longer part of the crew team (having too much fun playing), but drop an email to PD and they’ll get you sorted. :slight_smile: PD look after their crew really well and you get meals as well as a free ticket/camping. I really enjoyed it.