Information for new Traders


One of my friends is a trader for re-enactment events around the country and hasn’t really had much experience trading at LARP events,

I was wondering if there was a link I was missing on the website which gave information on Trader Fee’s etc?



Hey I think this is what you’re looking for … guidelines

It says “no spaces at present” but it’s worth an email in case that’s changed since the page was updated last.

It is - Thank you :slight_smile:

Now, it looks from that post as if the /Trader Area/ is full -

Are there any particular rules in place for setting up in one of the nations camps?

Might be worth him half trading / half playing for an event to see what LARP is all about.

there are new several traders for both IC and OC goods in the leugue camp (honest jims == ie timetraders) for example what does your friend sell?

Last time I checked, the rules for trading out of nation camps were ‘you can’t sell food or drink for OC money, otherwise as long as you’re obeying all the standard rules about what’s acceptable to pitch in the IC area and not having OC-looking stuff on display / being OC in a way that disrupts the game, then it’s all good’.