Information on horn colouring?

The description in the wiki says “They are likely to be either bone-coloured or metallic.” Can anyone elaborate on this for me? Does this mean any metallic colour, or just silver or gold?

Brass Coast is colourful so I was hoping to use colourful metallic horns (blue or flame coloured), but I need to know if that’s going to get me into trouble for not being allowed? I’ll happily switch to silver horns if necessary?

Thank you in advance from a newbie who is failing at the Google-Fu tonight headdesk

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No colour will get you in trouble, per se, but silver is more common.

From what I’ve seen, “bone-coloured” has been everything from dark ramshorn to sun-bleached pale driftwood.

“Metallic” has been silver, gold, bronze, copper, platinum… generally fairly bright. I haven’t seen any steel grey cambion horns, but then I haven’t been looking.

Of course, if you’re playing in the Brass Coast, you have an open ticket to go nuts with any colour Highguard hasn’t claimed (so I’d avoid black and white).

Cambion horns are, by definition, inhuman and magical influences. Who knows what colour they should be? Metallic blue might work as well!

Or maybe you dye your horns!

Skylark Saphire-horn, no missing you in a crowd :slight_smile:


I have absolutely no authority to offer on this question, but I will say that metallic blue cambion horns would be totally rad.


Painting/dyeing horns would be a very Brass Coast thing to do.


Oh wow, thank you all so much for the help, and information. I found a set of horns that I really love, and wasn’t sure whether to buy them, but now I will! :smiley: