Information security

I’m 99.9% sure there was an official pronouncement on this, but I have no idea where to verify it.

When official stuff happens in Anvil: a Senate motion, a Conclave declaration, etc etc am I correct in believing that the ‘game rule’ is that foreign powers only find out about it if a PC tells them, an NPC of that nation is present to witness the event, or the event directly has an impact on the nation (e.g. sanctions)?

If, for example, a body of the Empire debated and agreed aiding enemies of a foreign nation - and agreed to do so - would the nation automatically find out because it became part of the body of state’s records? Or is there a requirement for PC ‘treachery’ in informing them?

I can ask PD directly but thought I’d throw it open to those with better memories for these things than I.

Only asking PD will give you a certain answer

I think this is the bit of the Empire design philosophy about that -

However some things like addresses to the Empire are scattered so widely that I suspect any foreign or barbarian power with contacts in the Empire would become aware of them.

I know this was an option and that makes clear the Suranni wouldn’t find out about it directly from the senate records i.e. the wiki.


Thanks Mark, I knew someone would find what I was after!
Time to start plotting my Conclave speech then…

Be aware that anything discussed on the Hall of worlds Inc Conclave, can be heard/seen by eternals and their heralds, pretty sure we’ve been explicitly warned about this before, so there may still be fallout.

I wonder if Eternals and Heralds can listen in if they’re no “In” the Hall of Worlds and I also wonder if anything under a Veil of Night is better protected? Might be worth enquiring with PD directly about that so they can clarify over winter.

I’m pretty sure it was announced this was false recently.

It was towards the beginning of Empire so my info may be out of date, or nixed by a conjunction!

Probably worth emailing for confirmation though.

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I’m pretty sure that conclave declarations can be visible to the eternals (I have had responses from them, and been specifically told given that as a way of getting information back.) But I suspect the discussions themselves depend on if the Hall of Worlds is being used as a though fare at the time by heralds :stuck_out_tongue: .

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