Hello all,
New player here wondering what happens to your possessions post death.

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Here ya go

On another note, this page seems to suggest resources can be willed for a price, but never specifies a substitution must be made. Am i right in saying this is a loophole to the one resource limit? (not that i’m planning on sacrificing a character to exploit it)

If you buy/inherit a second resource you must give up the first. I think what they are trying to suggest is that you can put in your will that you want your resource to be auctioned off upon your death and the proceeds being given to your group/ beneficiary.

This bit makes it clear:

This is mostly important if your resource is important or upgraded in some way, and therefore more valuable.

Of course, there’s plenty of in-game reasons for it as well. My character inherited his mother’s warship. You could inherit the military company once led by your brother. Or the mana site tended by your former tutor in magics. Or whatever.