Initiation Ceremony - Easter

Hello, Highborne peeps!

As mentioned on Facebook -

Matt and I have been discussing some sort of initiation ceremony for those who have joined the nation (including passing citizenship tests etc) over the course of the previous year to take their oaths to Highguard together at the Easter event. This might be an annual festival and could fit in nicely with Saturday being the day of the dead, and Sunday being the day of rebirth for those who have come in. (Winter Solstice, from the death of the old year to the birth of the new, maintaining the wheel etc)

There could be lots of roleplay opportunities for teaching and cleansing and preparing for the oathtaking, also the chance for those who wish to reaffirm their oaths, both within chapters and across the nation - and for the newest citizens it would be a great celebration of their new status.

Please share any ideas you have below - maybe about how your chapter might take part, or what the ceremony could/should look like, or what it might involve? All thoughts welcome!

Steph x

I think this is really important - with the citizenship awards only happening at 1.30 on the Sunday of events I think there is a little chance for us to big up those who have passed. Combined with those who have joined IC I am keen to make sure we manage to shone a spotlight on their achievements and it would nice as a counterpoint to the Rememberance the day before.

I like the idea but have nothing specific to add detail wise currently.

Happy to be a prop to the oath making / taking as Cardinal of Loyalty - though the actual oath and ceremony is directed by Escon / Ehud - right?