Insurrection LRP Finale

When: Friday 4th-Sunday 6th April, 2014
Where: Consall Scout Camp Site, Blakely Lane, Dilhorne, Stoke-On-Trent, Staffordshire, ST10 2PS
Cost: £50 if you book before December 31st 2013; £60 if you book in January or February 2014; £67.50 thereafter. One of the 20 spots in the indoor accommodation for players will cost an additional £10.
Numbers: A maximum of 72 players (12 per faction), with at least half as many crew again (so 30+)
Crewing: We’d love for people to crew! It’ll be free, and we will do our best to look after you with lots of snacks and awesome NPC roles. We will be able to offer indoor sleeping for crew – see below.
**Accommodation: **Most player sleeping will be outdoors, but 20 indoor spots are available for players at additional cost.

Payment: See our How To Pay page.

IC Premise: The Association went away on their expedition through Limbo and Pandemonium and returned seven and a half years later to a world very much changed by the things they’d done and failed to do. This is the last chance to make the new world one you can be proud of, or at least stop your enemies from doing the same.

Other important stuff: Character generation is exactly as per the system documents. We’d prefer that everyone be part of one of the rebel factions (Dawning Light, Free Thought Radicals, The Mixed, Velvet Glove, Wayfarers’ Guild and the Woldscar Volunteer Force). Don’t worry if you don’t know anyone in the faction: we’ll put you in touch with other people wanting to play characters in the same group as you before the event. Once we receive a solid idea of the character you want to play, we’ll send you additional briefing sheets on your race, faction, and any Faith/Magic you might have.

Catering: Both players and crew will have access to kitchen areas. We will look into catering provision a bit closer to the time.

Booking Form: Available here for both players and crew

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